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Sam the Cat and Riley the Bulldog get some special Doc B Love and Care. Courtesy photo
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Soul on Fire: A spiritual approach to pet care

I had a pretty grueling experience recently when my Dachsund, Willy, got sick unexpectedly.

The pandemic has caused vet clinics to become especially backed up, and I couldn’t get my dog in when he showed signs of a sudden illness.

Several thousand dollars and three transfusions later, I was unceremoniously sent home by the tech, no explanation from the vet who treated him, with not much hope that my dog would make it into the next week. 

It was the weekend of the MLK holiday, and I made two calls. I decided that whichever called me back first, the people that come to euthanize or the new vet my friend had referred me to, would decide Willy’s fate.

Thank God for the national holidays. The vet called first. I explained the situation, and they moved some things around. We went in the next morning. 

After the callous way I had been treated, to be actually seen and heard was my first inclination that this was going to be a different experience.

My friend had told me about this place, Companion Animal Wellness Center in Carlsbad, and that the doctor was kind and loving. He employed Eastern and other modalities in his practice.

The website says it’s a “Fear Free” Vet clinic. I was allowed to come in and was given time to explain what had been going on with Willy. 

The prognosis didn’t look good to this doctor either, Dr. Carmine Bausone, or as he’s lovingly referred to, Doc B. He had to make sure that I was on board for the aggressive, multi-pronged strategy he was going to use to see if we could get Willy out of the woods. I committed.

This is a collaborative approach to animal wellness. I knew right then and there; this man has a Soul On Fire for the work and difference he’s making in the industry.

Like Western medicine for humans, there seems to be a one-size-fits-all approach in routine vet care, treating the symptoms and not the cause. The caseloads are such that doctors haven’t much time to discuss your beloved pet and things that only you pick up on as their owner. This group is striving to change that. 

“There’s healing in feeling that you are being heard. Empathy, understanding, the human experience – those were some things that have been missing in most veterinary practices. I wanted to make a difference”, said Doc B.

Willy had no fear going into the clinic, surprising after what he had just gone through. It might have something to do with the treats that Doc B. affectionately gives out upon greeting the new clients.

But more than that, it’s his energy, his authentic caring approach. 

Knowing this was his life path and purpose from a young age, Doc. B started his career with exotic animal medicine, birds, snakes, rabbits, etc. He’s been a pretty popular vet in Escondido for decades because of his personalized style.

But it’s tough to take the time and care within a busy corporate practice. That’s what started him opening his own clinic in Carlsbad just months ago. During the pandemic. A bold move, but one that is paying off.

“The tool bag employed by most vets is limited and designed for acute, not chronic illness. And when there’s nothing left in that toolbox, there’s nothing left to do, like the case with Willy.”

That makes it feel like there’s no heart in the veterinary care that is out there. It’s like supporting local business vs. the big corporate-owned clinics that kill the local doctor vibe vets. Since profits drive corporations for shareholders, the value is in money, not people and relationships.  

In my case, Willy got an array of healing modalities, starting with me being calmer in the care of Doc B.

Acupuncture, laser therapy, energetics, ozone, food changes, and Chinese herbal medicines got my pup out of the woods and thriving again. An integrative approach. For us, a miracle.

Doc B collaborates with a network of holistic practitioners, feed stores like Dexters Deli, an array of homeopaths, animal communicators, and a caring staff. It’s a soulful approach to an industry that has been selling out for a while now.  

Following his soul’s calling, Doc. B taking the leap to offer this kind of personalized, spiritual approach in his wellness clinic changes the consciousness of care and prolongs our loving pets’ lives. 

If you love your pets like I do, and feel like there’s been something missing in their care, check out the vet with the Soul On Fire at