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Soul on Fire: A closer look at Human Design

I guess Covid is mostly over. I didn’t get the memo, but I can see by the backed-up freeway these days that more people are out and about.

In thinking about going back out there, I wondered about how I show up these days when interacting with other humans in the world.

I did a lot of reflecting this year on my birthday, and I felt like there are so many new beginnings. That this is the starting point again of some great reset in my life.

So, as any good mystic will do from time to time, I had an astrological reading done, got my tarot cards done, and visited a palm reader.

This year I wanted to go deeper than all that, so I sought a reading and interpretation of my Human Design.

What is Human Design, you ask? Well, that’s this week’s column.

Your Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design. On the most practical level, Human Design shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self.

Human Design was originated by Alan Robert Krakower, who published a book called The Human Design System under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu in 1992. Krakower claimed that he developed the Human Design system following a mystical experience in 1987.

There are five types in the Human Design reference – Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. The four types are defined by three categories: the strategy, or how you make decisions, how the aura functions and affects others, and your signature, which indicates where your life is moving.

Our Human Design is meant to be lived, and the power in understanding our design comes from taking action based on what we discover. Sometimes that action is shedding conditioning we’ve taken on throughout the years about who others think we should be and how others think we should walk through the world. Sometimes that action is leaning deeper into what we already feel to be authentic, natural, and true.

Human Design is an amalgamation of both ancient systems and modern science. It combines astrology and astronomy, the I Ching and biochemistry, Kabbalah and quantum mechanics, the chakra systems, and genetics. Human Design is not a religion, having no rituals nor taking any stance on god. It is similar to a personality inventory system to assist one with a deeper understanding of how they best operate in the world.

Human Design purports to be a self-help method that does not have any religious component. It has been called “the new astrology.”

There’s a website at that calculates your Human Design, but if you want to understand what the graph and chart mean, similar to an astrological chart, you must seek out someone schooled in the art and practice.

One such student of the art is Ilona Barnhart, who can be found as one of the healers and mystics in the Four Moons Collective in Encinitas. Her soul is on fire for this work, and she has an infectious passion for this interpretive analysis of individual Human Design. I thoroughly enjoyed our consultation, and I refer back to the recording often.

Check out for booking information and to find out more about this interesting and exciting pseudo-science. The science perhaps is in differentiation.

Now more than ever, we are being called to live as our most authentic selves and to show up for each other and the world as boldly as we can with our innate and unique gifts. By adding this knowledge and uncovering this next level of understanding the essence of ourselves, that task is made much easier.