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Sheila Cameron speaks for citizens of Leucadia

Thank you for printing Sheila S. Cameron’s column, “Cry, our beloved Leucadia.” Once again Ms. Cameron speaks for the citizens of our fair cities. 


As I have said before, this so-called Streetscape plan is outdated, expensive, dangerous and superfluous. Simply to cater to only 400+ bike-Nazis and a few businesses without a thought for the other 82, 384 residents who will have to put up with the congestion, pollution, aggravation, and loss of the spirit of a beautiful community, seems to be suspect to me. Mayor, there is a reason this plan has taken over a decade to implement… Nobody wants it!


We always have to follow the money in these things. Ask your self just who will benefit from this 50 million dollar boondoggle? Developers? Or the construction industry? Whose law suits have this council running for cover every time the industry clears it’s throat. Also the amount of BS being spread over this outdated plan makes me wonder who are they trying to convince, us or themselves? 


The shameful exploitation of the terrible accident in which Roberta Walker was so seriously injured was the cheapest shot I’ve seen in a long long time. Just to ramrod this ill conceived project through more quickly was really despicable, shame on you all.


Now it seems the Encinitas City Council is reneging on it’s support of the Pacific View Academy of Arts. After so many Encinitas citizens, community groups and businesses have donated so much money and precious time to this worthwhile project your city council has systematically thrown up bureaucratic roadblocks to thwart and hinder this project. Now it seems after the nonprofit has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and improved the property, the city will take it back. I wonder if they will sell it to a developer. After all they need fifty million dollars to rip up Leucadia. 


And the hits just keep on coming.


Dave Fletcher

Cardiff by the Sea 

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harley noel October 20, 2019 at 9:11 am

your comments are right on. the group that controls what we do in this city is so out of control that they do anything they want with disregard to the betterment of the people who live here and pay all of the taxes. we need to clean them out of the city government!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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