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Restroom project won’t be slowed by public review

OCEANSIDE — The south amphitheater plaza and Tyson Street Park restroom projects were re-approved by the City Council serving as the Community Development Commission on April 19. The second OK was needed due to a city oversight of not including that an appeal could be made to the Coastal Commission in its public hearing notification.

No one appealed the project final mitigated negative declaration and mitigation monitoring and reporting program, but the lack of notification was seen by Coastal Commission staff in January.

“There is a new Coastal Commission staff member who looked at the document with a new set of eyes,” Russ Cunningham, city principal planner, said. “We added that language, and that language will be in all projects going forward.”

The re-approval, which includes proper notification, serves as a wake-up call for city staff for future public notices.

Fortunately, the technicality of re-approving restroom plans did not slow down the projects.

Between the first approval in December 2016 and April re-approval, work on construction documents has continued and the projects remain on schedule.

“We’re almost there,” Nathan Mertz, city capital improvements manager, said.

Planned improvements are the final phase of citywide beach restroom upgrades, and include a major renovation of the south amphitheater plaza.

The beachfront police substation and maintenance buildings within the plaza will be demolished, portable waste bins will be removed, and a new single-story beach operations building, new restrooms and a handwashing facility will be built.

The historic building now used for restrooms will be renovated and used for a police substation.

Beach access stairs from Mission Avenue and Pacific Street will be replaced, and the plaza area south of the amphitheater will be expanded and renovated. A new sewer lift station will also be built.

Construction estimates for south plaza renovations are at $6 million. The city is still seeking funds, including grant applications and possible refinancing of city bonds.

The $1.5 million cost of the sewer lift station will be funded through the city sewer fund.

Improvements to Tyson Street Park restrooms will be paid through development impact fees in the city park fund.

Both Tyson Street Park and south amphitheater plaza sites should be shovel ready by June.

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bill wisniewski April 28, 2017 at 8:47 am

to save our city: WE MUST RECALL BULLDOZER JIM WOOD for the greater good of our grossly, over-developed hometown. we are voting with our feet! WE GOTTA GET OUTA THIS PLACE! IF IT’S THE LAST THING WE EVER DO!…..OCEANSIDE IS NO LONGER A VIABLE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY BECAUSE OF GREEDY POLITICIANS, GREEDY UNIONS AND GREEDY HOUSING TRACT DEVELOPERS LIKE BEAZER AND INTEGRAL and their generous lobbyists who own our corrupt oceanside politicians LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL!

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