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Ready to restore your hair? Hair loss mapping key for best results

OCEANSIDE — Estimation can be a handy tool in many fields, but sometimes precision is necessary.

If you’re considering hair restoration, you’ll need more than an estimate to get accurate information about the cost of the procedure as well as the results you can expect. “No two heads are alike, and how can you possibly determine the fee or what is possible for a patient without seeing them first?” Dan Wagner, CEO of MyHairTransplantMD asks.

“You have to see the person, and you have to be hands on,” Wagner said. “A hair restoration consultation and the importance of measuring a person’s hair loss pattern are imperative.” While some offices use a chart or their past experience to give patients a quick estimate for a hair restoration plan, the team at MyHairTransplantMD feels that there are important factors involved and steps that should never be overlooked.

“We take measurements,” Wagner said. “We can’t offer an estimate until we know exactly what a patient’s concern is and we map it out. It’s a very mathematical process the way that we do it.”



What can a patient expect from a consultation at MyHairTransplantMD? “First, we want to know why you’ve come to us and what you’d like us to do for you,” Wagner said. “We discuss your trouble area and go over your concerns and expectations. Together we will agree on a realistic hair restoration plan.”

Next is defining the area. “We outline the trouble area so we can agree on the exact area you want restored,” Wagner said. “We then document our findings with photos.” He added that each patient differs in their problem areas as well as their expectations. “Some people only want partial restoration, so it’s crucial to know exactly what area a patient is looking to restore in order to give them accurate information,” he said.

The third step is to map the area. “We measure precisely so that our calculations are correct,” Wagner said. “We draw directly on the patient’s head, and then transfer the surface area to be restored onto our 3D Hair Mapping Template. We then calculate the size of the restoration area in square centimeters.” The template helps determine the area of baldness and the number of grafts needed. “This is based on what they client wants, and how much donor hair they have,” Wagner said.


The fourth step is to discuss hair density. “We will discuss your current hair density factor using modern hair science,” Wagner said. Average density in men is 80 hairs per square centimeters, and it’s slightly higher for women.

“Once we know the number of square centimeters and the hair density the objective is to restore the hair, initially starting with coverage,” Wagner said. “In the first procedure we place as many grafts as possible to cover the area in question. We allow that to grow out, and then we add density, so that it blends in perfectly with surrounding hair.”

Finally, it is time to calculate the grafts and costs. “We calculate the total grafts needed by multiplying the surface area to be restored by the density factor desired,” Wagner said. “You will leave your consultation knowing exactly what is needed to reach your goals. We will tell you honestly what it’s going to take.”

MyHairTransplantMD is located at 2103 S. El Camino Real, Suite 201 in Oceanside.

For a complete explanation of pricing and procedures offered, as well as customer testimonials, visit their website at or call the office at (800) 262-2017.


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