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R. Roger Rowe School students recognized

RANCHO SANTA FE — The last Rancho Santa Fe School District meeting was a full house.

Peppered throughout the auditorium were parents and children.  The students present, were being honored and recognized for perfect attendance during the 2013 and 2014 school year.

The board of trustees was counted for which included Richard Burdge, Todd Frank, Tyler Seltzer, Todd Buchner, and Marti Ritto.

Also there was Superintendent Lindy Delaney.  This group made up the receiving line of handshakes for each student receiving attendance awards.

First up was Kim Pinkerton, K-5 elementary school principal at R. Roger Rowe who announced the students by grade levels.

“Congratulations ahead of time to all of you for showing your commitment to school, being here every single day, putting on those thinking caps and for just being amazing individuals,” Pinkerton said. “You make this school what it is and we thank you for that.”

One by one, the students recognized from first to fifth grade were Jack Kaffka, Nylah King-Boyd, Grant Pollin, Grace Flanagan, Betsabe Haas, Chloe Luwa, Branden Recendiz, Logan Johnson, Jacob Malter, Lucas Myers, Alexandra Nicholas, Ryan Persico, Andrew Siffert, Victoria Steiner, Griffin Goldberg, Lana Lakdawala, and Isaac Lustig.

Next up, R. Roger Rowe Middle School Principal Garrett Corduan presented the attendance awards for the sixth through eighth graders.  Corduan congratulated the students for being at school every day and to the parents for getting them there.

The names called out in this group were John Flaming, Lucas Luwa, Arielle Sanford, Brenda Bazaldua, Anna Boat, Alexander Brown, Chloe Chang, Eliseo Haas, Katrina Nakamura, Savera Soin, Kevin Fernandez, Blake Fuller, Morgan Gillespie, Yener Haas, Calvin Hall, Jordan Klair, Jannie Yu and Sarah Zou.

For a handful of students, this award recognition was received either two or three years in a row.