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Pro tips for your Super Bowl party
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Pro tips for a beer-fueled, snack-intensive Super Bowl

This Sunday is the Super Bowl — a popular sporting event for even the casual fan of American football. I find the Bengals charming and the Rams basically represent California, but I’m fairly ambivalent as far as picking a winner.

But what I am really excited about is the logistics of creating a great viewing experience. You’ll notice my pro tips (listed below) have very little to do with football and a lot to do with snacks, beer and comfort! Let’s go:

  • Shop for your snacks early. All-day Saturday and Sunday morning, the grocery stores will be packed with shoppers rushing to get the last can of bean dip. Avoid the rush by doing your snack shopping early in the week. You’ll be able to meander through the store (or order online) with fully-stocked shelves featuring all your favorite snacks. Pro tip: Many grocery stores receive truck deliveries on Tuesdays, which makes Wednesday morning the best time to shop.
  • Buy extra snacks. When you buy early, you also run the risk of pre-game snacking. Buy an extra bag or two of tortilla chips. There is nothing worse than putting out the good salsa and guac only to realize last minute you’re out of chips. Pro tip: Avoid snacks that will require licking of the fingers. No one wants to pick up a sticky remote control.
  • Make Saturday Laundry Day. You’ll want your favorite pants with the elastic waistband washed. Even if you’re going to a game-watching party, stretchy pants are acceptable attire during the game. I play it safe and wash my second favorites too. Just in case a tortilla chip cracks and I end up with a blotch of hummus on my knee. Pro tip: If you wear a pair of team Zubaz pants in public, strangers will want to high-five you.
  • A big game deserves a big beer. I like to open a bourbon barrel stout during the pre-game festivities to share. I stress this is a beer to share. Drink just enough to enjoy the rich flavors and create an air of sophistication to offset your sweatpants. It’s going to be a long day of snacking, beer-drinking, and game-watching. NBC currently has more than 10 hours of Super Bowl programming. Pro tip: Horus Aged Ales in Oceanside makes plenty of top-rated special beers that would make the cut.
  • Do your research. I spend the week leading up to the game, stopping by local breweries taste testing beers so I can plan my game day drinking adventure. Pro tip: Dont drink and drive. They dont have T.V.s in the cells at your local police station. This isn’t Iceland.
  • Plan your beer line-up by quarter. There are four quarters in a football game (not including unplanned overtimes). Take the opportunity to travel through the spectrum of beer flavors while also reducing your morning after impact. My go-to itinerary by quarter—which you are welcome to copy—is IPA, Pale Ale, Light Lager/Ale, Craft Non-Alcoholic. Tentatively, I’m committing to a Rouleur Endo West Coast IPA for my first beer and an Athletic Brewing Run Wild NA IPA as my last, but still, I’m still researching the in-between. Pro tip: Give yourself options. Everyone wins when you have more than one IPA to choose from come kick-off.
  • Make sure you can actually watch the game. The game is on network television. In the age of cord-cutting, it wouldn’t be unusual to not actually have the right streaming service or even a television to watch the Super Bowl on. Before Sunday, make sure you have the right channel. Pro tip: If you can, watch the game outside. Its pandemic-friendly, and it will feel a bit more like really being there.
  • Bonus pro tip: You can repurpose all of these tips for a full day of binge-watching Ted Lasso or Ozark.

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have an enjoyable game day. Good luck, and go team!

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