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Pioneering the pest control industry

COAST CITIES — When you see the trail of ants or find spider webs glistening everywhere on your way to the morning paper, it’s time to call Corky’s Pest Control. There is no reason to let ants, spiders, rodents, termites or any of the hundreds of potentially damaging pests wreak havoc on your beautiful home. Corky’s can solve your problem, and save you money and aggravation.
Success in the pest control business, like most businesses, is a combination of experience, knowledge and dedication.
Four decades of expertise and knowledge of our climate, our particular pest problems, and an expert’s knowledge of the products will best provide solutions for every customer.
Owner Corky Mizer has over time added more services, products and diversity to his company in order to provide his customers with the greatest value. Besides the basic high-quality pest control service that forms the core of his company, he has added the best people in each discipline to make new business divisions within Corky’s Pest Control. Included is his termite inspection and fumigation division.
Corky’s is the first company to include a picture termite inspection process that allows the inspector to send pictures of the home while he is there and receive back a state-recognized termite inspection e-mailed to the customer in a minimum amount of time. Corky can also eradicate the termites in several ways, repair any structural damage that is found, and offer ongoing termite inspection, prevention and removal. Included in the termite eradication process is a four-year guarantee, knowing that if the job is done right it will last longer than that. By comparison, most other companies only offer a two-year guarantee.
Corky has an amazing passion for his business, and surrounds himself with the best of the best to make sure his company offers “state of the art” pest control. Among his knowledgeable staff is a full-time plant pathologist so they can find lasting and effective solutions to every problem.
Many of his staff members include Bachelor of Science, doctorate and special certifications among their degrees. And every day, his technicians are undergoing continued training to stay current with the evolving products their customers need and the changing pest problems that come to San Diego.
Part of what is special about Corky’s Pest Control is that their service can be customized to fit individual needs and budgets. Their service technicians can come to your house, evaluate the problems and provide quality solutions for each situation.
If you live a green lifestyle, you’d be surprised to know most products used by Corky’s are botanicals, natural products that control pests that are environmentally friendly. You can request all botanicals if that is your preference. For properties that are fully landscaped and the customer does most of their own landscape work, Corky’s can provide periodic professional help to keep insects and pests under control and out of your life. Even with regular maintenance, when summer comes and brings out the pests in force, Corky’s can adjust their service schedule to meet those increased needs.
Many of our most common pests are attracted to aphids and whiteflys who spend their time on roses, hibiscus, citrus, and other fruit trees. The honeydew these insects secrete is what attracts the ants, spiders, and other crawling insects, so ongoing treatments to discourage and eliminate these tempting treats for our unwanted pests are what create an insect- and pest-free yard so you can enjoy the best of the Southern California weather.
For more than 44 years, Corky has satisfied thousands of residential, commercial, and mobile home customers.
Comments like the following are ongoing: “I want to thank you for the excellent service your company has provided over the past twenty years … and Steve has been a wonderful employee servicing our home.” This is why Corky’s sprays more residential homes and landscapes in San Diego. Corky’s has continued to provide interior and exterior pest control, termite control, fumigation and repair, home repair service and much, much more.
For more information, contact Corky’s Pest Control at (800) 901-1102 or visit