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Overton reports new website is secure

RANCHO SANTA FE — A couple weeks ago, the Rancho Santa Fe Association launched its new website. Bill Overton, the Association manager, described it as a hardworking effort over the last few months.

As any new product, he said, the Association has received both kudos as well as some concerns. The concerns revealed were password related and members may have experienced default password issues.

“What actually happened was the launch of the new website uncovered that many people had not changed or updated their passwords. In the simplest terms, that’s what happened,” he said.

Overton told the board and members to change their password on the Association site and to use upper case and lower case letters, symbols and numbers.

“I want to assure everybody from a global standpoint, the website in and of itself is absolutely safe,” he said.

Overton went on to say that the website design company they used has launched over 900 websites in 10 years. Additionally, this same company has worked with the golf website for the last three years.

The Association has addressed service concerns, one on one, with the assistance of communications manager, Christy Whalen. Whalen also helped champion the new site. Overton said that Whalen has assisted members in helping them change their passwords while customizing their view-ability for the new site.

Overton also touched upon the fact how the new website had e-blast capabilities. The Association’s first e-blast revealed a 50 percent open rate which is high for industry standards. Overton called it incredible.

“So in the future we hope to be able to remind you about open committee spots, about meetings, and about any variety of things,” he said, adding how Village VIBE events may also be used in e-blasts as opposed to bulletin boards.

While bulletin boards are still being used, the Association wants to supplement their messages with more modern technology. Overton said their e-blast capability allows them to communicate better with its members and this is consistent with all their goals and operating principles.

“I think that’s a good thing as well as just broadening our communication platform,” he said.

After addressing the website topic, the board commended Whalen for an excellent job on the site.