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Beauty spas in the region have seen an increase in clients post-COVID as customers are easing back into normal life.
The team at Beauty Lounge Medical Spa. Beauty spas in the region have seen an increase in clients post-COVID as customers are easing back into normal life. Photo courtesy of Beauty Lounge Medical Spa
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North County beauty spas see post-COVID business boom

REGION — Beauty lounges and medical spas in San Marcos and Escondido have reported a significant spike in the number of clients as mandates from the COVID-19 pandemic have started to ease, allowing residents to return to a sense of normalcy.

Beauty Lounge Medical Spa, a medical spa in San Marcos, has recently seen double to triple the number of new patients booking cosmetic treatments like Botox, under-eye, lip filler and teeth whitening.

“Everybody’s getting ready for these vacations and you got to do all your treatments before you go. Just like you try and get your nails done, you also make sure your Botox is done, and you’ve got to do your lips,” said Beauty Lounge owner Shawnda Dorantes. “And then we’re just full straight into holidays next, and we missed out last year on all the holiday parties and everything, so that’s what we’re seeing.

Spas in the area also report steady sales during the thick of the pandemic, as customers adjusted to being seen on Zoom calls every day.

“You’re seeing yourself on the screen while you’re on Zoom and you get that glare, the shadows, the angles are unflattering, and you’re really seeing yourself how everybody else sees you,” Dorantes said. “When you’re on Facetime, you just can’t help but look at yourself when you’re looking at the other person, and you’re like, ‘Oh my goodness, I didn’t walk around like this whole time.’”

Holden Timeless Beauty in San Marcos said their most popular services have been chemical peels and lip fillers as customers are focusing on their face and skin as they ease back into a no-mask society.

Beauty Glimpse Skin Care in Escondido said they’ve seen a rise in facials and hydra facials in recent months.

Many customers have even opted for the more aggressive treatments during the pandemic because they finally had time to do so, according to Dorantes.

While many other businesses have been struggling to stay afloat during these difficult times, Beauty Lounge Medical Spa said they’ve done so well that they’ve had to hire more employees and they’re moving into a larger space.

The problem that they and so many other businesses are facing now is finding people to hire.

“Normally during previous times, if I put a job posting, probably within two weeks I’d find somebody good to hire,” Dorantes said. “It’s probably taking more like a month and a half to find a qualified candidate and a candidate that will actually show up.”

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