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Musical artist Sierra Marin is a graduate of Carlsbad High School and still performs in North County. Courtesy photo
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Soul on Fire: The gospel according to Sierra Marin

A growing sector of our youth is turning in its resignation, no longer buying into “this is how things have always been” and “this is how we’ve always done it” in our society.

Explanations like this don’t work for these Starseeds that have come to lead the world into a place of Love, Light and Connection to Spirit.

The expectations we placed on our children in the ’80s and ’90s reflect this exodus and shifting.

The result is a tribe forming across the Americas and the world, bringing a global consciousness of harmony, unity and compassion.

They consider themselves part of the Rainbow Prophesy,  a “ReLoveution” — embodying Love and tapping into their divinity. They are ushering in a new earth code with messages of joy and healing, showing us how to live authentically in our individual and unique power to bring good into the world.

One such inspired pioneer cultivating this collective ascension movement through music and lyrics can be found in the enchanting and ethereal soul siren embodied as a songstress, Sierra Marin, a musical medicine woman visioning and ushering in a brighter future and the dawn of a new age.

A Carlsbad local, she was valedictorian at Carlsbad High School and graduated college at UC Santa Barbara with a degree in psychology.

After dutifully obliging all that was expected of her, she realized she ended up hollow inside.

Coming out of a seven-year relationship and having a dark night of a soul shift, she went out onto the road catching a ride to a music festival in Mount Shasta.

With a backpack and $150, Sierra’s magical mystery tour of sorts began to take shape.

Life mystically unfolded, and there was a certainty and trust in the universe that led her to the next steps one after the other like a merry-go-round of bliss.

“Spirit just showed up for me. I knew I was protected, and I became the most embodied version of myself on the road,” reminisced Sierra.

Stumbling toward ecstasy and onto a group of like-minded headed to the same festival became a two-year makeshift commune as they busked their way from city to city on a converted bus (Jack Kerouac vibes).

Writing songs, singing for living expenses at markets and street corners along the way to nowhere and everywhere simultaneously, honed the musical talent instilled as a child.

The voice from deep within her Soul grew more vital, more sure of her life’s purpose and passion for becoming a messenger for the transformation of humanity.

The next phase of her musical development occurred when she bought a one-way ticket to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Again, hitchhiking across the island, another synchronistic encounter occurred, and Sierra found herself perfectly placed, protected, and filled with life force.

Approaching the stage at the music festival, Sierra pictured herself playing there. Going with the flow, calling in her maturing manifesting skills, there happened to be a slot open.

The rest is history. Sierra Marin burst onto the “conscious music” scene boldly that day and is now truly a global messenger of unconditional love.

A modern-day prophet, her sacred messages are profound and somehow familiar, striking a chord of the inner knowing in all of us that are moving more fully into the spiritual realms of our humanness.

“I’ve been gifted with so many songs that come from deep within me. My music is intentional, and Spirit weaves my words and channels through me. I have something to share with the world and the people in it. It’s our time to shine as healers and conscious creators. It’s happening.”

Sierra Marin is back in North County these days and has quantum leaped generational and cross-cultural genres.

If you are lucky enough to find her playing locally, at Papagayo or some pop-up on State Street, you don’t want to miss the experience.

She interlaces ethereal sounds with spiritual rap lyrics combined with haunting melodies that seem to come from some profound universal DNA memory.

Then she’ll seamlessly bust out in alchemistic freestyle of spoken word, urging people to come together, sing, dance, and celebrate life in the name of the Creator, Divine Feminine Rising, and Gaia’s urgings to heal.

With her own Soul on Fire, she now prescribes Love as the medicine for the Soul of all of humanity.

Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud at sierramarinmusic, YouTube and Spotify to get her schedule, and Amazon or iTunes to download her amazing self-produced music and latest releases.