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Phyllis Swanson from Oceanside is a professional artist who rents studio space at the Foundry. She is one of many artists who find the Foundry inspirational. Photo courtesy of Neka Rae Photography
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New Village Arts’ Foundry Studio announces expansion

CARLSBAD — Inside the New Village Arts’ Foundry, fellow artists and visitors discover an artistic core of colorful talent at each studio. 

Artists green with envy about this unique studio experience now have a chance to secure a spot.

The Foundry, which currently houses 13 working studio spaces, recently announced its 2012 expansion to include seven more new studios.

“Throughout 2012, we have seen a significant demand for more working studio spaces, and since we rarely have a vacancy here, the need was evident,” said Jenna Carlson, foundry and special events manager.”

For the expansion, we will be converting our main gallery space into seven new working studio spaces; so far, we have reserved one of the new spaces and are currently taking artists’ submissions for the other six.”

Carlson pointed out that it has 14 professional artists who call the foundry their artistic home. Its artists live in the San Diego region.

Established in 2009, the New Village Arts Foundry has grown more popular over the years.

Carlson calls the foundry a haven for the creative process and allows art, simply, to be.

Professional artist Phyllis Swanson from Oceanside has rented studio space at the foundry since its inception. Swanson creates paintings and murals.

One of her recent commissions, for the City of Carlsbad Redevelopment, is a mural at the corner of Walnut and Roosevelt in the historic Barrio.

Swanson said she clearly remembers the early foundry days when the building was under construction.

“Recycled beams were being used to mark out the studio spaces,” she said. “Being the first in the door, I was able to get a wonderful corner studio with windows facing State Street and the side street.”

For Swanson, she describes the foundry as a very inspiring place.

“One is surrounded by many different artistic styles and creative approaches.” She continued, “It is a place where an artist has the option to work whenever they would like, as we all have our own key, we can come and go whenever the mood or time allows.”

Swanson said having the other artists around her, with their different approaches and styles, has pushed her artistic limits, as well.

Now, Swanson shares her large studio space with her son, Ben Swanson, a professional photographer.

And being part of the Carlsbad Village experience has been good for Swanson.

“Since the foundry is associated with and in the same building with the New Village Arts Theater, we have the added bonus of getting the theater patrons checking out and buying our art,” Swanson said. “Last year I sold a painting to a couple from West Berlin and just recently I sold a painting to a playwright who was in-house to see his play.”

Carlson said the foundry is there to uplift the artist. And above all, it doesn’t take commission from their sales. Instead, the artists are only responsible for their monthly studio rent.

“We are not only about the theatrical arts, but the visual arts as well,” Carlson said. “It’s a place where materials are forged into original works of art.”

For more New Village Arts Foundry information, contact Carlson at (310) 779-4563 or email her at [email protected]


T Marguerite October 22, 2012 at 9:51 am

Love this picture of Phyllis working on her awesome painting of the pink row houses on the Strand in Oceanside. I am sooo grateful to be a part of New Village Arts Foundry you are all my family!!!

Lynn Buettner October 21, 2012 at 1:27 pm

I LOVE being an artist at the “Foundry”. I meet great people every day and it’s inspiring to be in an artist’s working environment.

Come and visit us anytime. Send me an email and I will make sure I am there the day and time you want to be there. I love having people watch me paint so sit down a spell!

Lynn Buettner
Studio 1
New Village Theater ARts
2787 State St.
Carlsbad, CA
Studio: 760-434-4501

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