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A free 7-day pass gets you access to all of Chuze’s amenities with no strings attached. Courtesy photo
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New Encinitas gym enjoys longtime membership loyalty

By Danielle Nederen

Chuze Fitness may be the fresh new kid on the block of Santa Fe Drive in Encinitas, but the Chuze Fitness brand is 14 years strong and continues to grow.

High value, low pricing. That’s who Chuze Fitness is.

Created by two families committed to offering a different level of quality to the fitness industry, Chuze came onto the scene in 2008 in Carlsbad. Co-founders Cory Brightwell and Nick Barshick saw a missing piece in the world of gym experiences and sought out to fix this.

Founded upon the core values of kindness, cleanliness, and over-the-top customer service, Chuze Fitness introduced a new standard of quality and commitment to members. The first club opened its doors in 2008, which many will remember as a recession in the U.S. economy. In its 14 years since, Chuze has expanded, survived the Covid-19 pandemic, and flourished today in 2022. Membership numbers surpass what they were prior to Covid-19.

With over 300,000 members among 32 gym locations across four states, Chuze Fitness is catching its stride in its strength journey.

“The DNA [of Chuze Fitness] is unique for the business and fitness industry in general,” says Billy Grenham, Chief Marketing Officer of Chuze Fitness. “At our core, we’re a hospitality company using fitness as a vehicle. It’s clear we take care of people and members from the moment they walk in, to the moment they leave.”

Prior to joining the Chuze family, Grenham was the Global Director for Marketing and Communications for Taco Bell. He saw an opportunity in Chuze to develop an amazing brand founded upon community and customer service. Today, Chuze members reap the benefits in their membership experiences.

When Brightwell and Barshick founded Chuze in 2008, they knew that their differentiating factor would be the brand’s commitment to its members. They opened their first Chuze locations throughout San Diego County, prior to expanding beyond the county and into other states with 32 Chuze facilities today.

In 2011, Rob Seiler, long-time friend of the Barshick family, entered the Chuze scene when he saw the vast need and opportunity in the fitness space. The Seiler family opened their first Chuze Fitness franchise in Rancho Bernardo in 2011. The Seilers went on to open Chuze La Mesa in 2012 and the doors of their third and newest location, and 32nd Chuze facility, in Encinitas just over a month ago in January 2022.

“We’re not just a small business. We are proud to be part of a bigger picture and brand, working together as one company,” comments Krissy Seiler, Business Administration Manager of Chuze Fitness Encinitas. Since surviving and thriving amidst the pandemic, Chuze’s continued growth speaks to the commitment that its members feel toward the brand.

Chuze Encinitas offers members an incredible fitness experience. Top of the line fitness equipment sets members up for their best workouts. With new Team Training, members get full ac-cess to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes led by a certified coach featuring rowing machines, TRX bands, and heart rate monitors to maximize their workout. The recovery center offers a hydromassage lounge, infrared saunas, and Theragun tools for member health.

As for growth among the Chuze Fitness brand as a whole, things are only looking up from here. “We are looking at new territories in new states, due to forward progress seen in current operations,” says Grenham. “There is overwhelming enthusiasm from new members signing up. We offer low price points with over-the-top kindness and cleanliness.”

A free 7-day pass gets you access to all of Chuze’s amenities with no strings attached. Chuze Encinitas currently offers a limited-time foundation membership rate.

Whether the business of a gym facility is a marathon or a sprint – Chuze Fitness is rapidly growing in sprint form, and like a marathon, it is here for the long run.

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