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A crowd gathers at the Sunshine Brooks Theatre for a screening of Jacob Rush's documentary, "Agritourism in North San Diego County" Monday in Oceanside. Photo by Shana Thompson
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New documentary showcases North County agritourism


OCEANSIDE — On June 4 more than 200 people attended the premier screening of the documentary “Agritourism in North San Diego County” at the Sunshine Brooks Theater in Oceanside. Produced and directed by KOCT senior producer Jacob Rush, the nearly 20-minute film showcases the growing agritourism business in North County.

Agritourism is defined as a commercial enterprise at a working farm, ranch or agricultural plant conducted for the enjoyment of visitors that generates supplemental income for the owner to thrive. San Diego County, with its $3 billion dollar farming industry and millions of acres of farmland, is ideal for agritourism.

Several community leaders who were involved in making the film spoke prior to the screening, including Eric Larson, executive director of the San Diego Farm Bureau. Larson spoke about San Diego’s rich agricultural history and the fact that the county is a magnet for tourists. “It only makes sense that there would be an interest in going to a farm, to see where the food came from that they’re eating at dinner in a restaurant, he said. “The tourists are already here and so are real, working farms.”

North County Supervisor Bill Horn also spoke. Horn was instrumental in getting funding for the documentary through the Board of Supervisor’s 2017-2018 Community Enhancement Grant. Horn told the audience, who applauded wildly, that 90 percent of all the agriculture in San Diego County is in North County.

But the man who made the film received the most sustained applause, as well as some whoops and hollers and a lot of laughter. Rush told the audience that he’d grown up in Chico where his family raised chickens and had a huge garden.

“We grew up as genuine hippies,” he said. “We bartered our eggs and shared our vegetables.” He talked about the passion he has for stories that matter, this story in particular because of his background.

“I was so excited to be telling this story,” Rush said. “Getting out and visiting these farms, visiting these people, seeing all this open land. Talking to people who still have this passion for farming. This was a passion project for the past two years.”

“Agritourism in North San Diego County” is on the KOTC website at and is also on YouTube.



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Oceansidevotes June 18, 2018 at 6:34 am

If only we had leadership in North County that recognizes how important agriculture is for our community and future generations. Instead, we have three corrupt councilmen (Lying Lowery, Corrupt Kern, Flip Flop Feller) all three stooges appointed Peter Weiss for Mayor. Disregarding democracy and the citizens of Oceanside. Nepotism at it’s finest. Let’s see – our Treasurer -Trickey ( perfect name) was appointed and let’s not forget he is the husband of the assistant City attorney!, our City Manager- puppet, Michelle Lawrence was appointed ( by whom else – Peter Weiss) and it gets even better….our City Lawyer – John Mullen is best buds with the Newman’s- who seem to be concerned only about getting stoned and selling pot to anybody! ( watch for the photos ) Clearly these skunk looking hippies don’t have kids. And now want to have an unlimited amount of dispensaries in Oceanside! Plus, they want to turn South Morro Hills into Pot farms! As we all know, anything Horn is involved in must have BIG $$$$$ attached. With Weiss as our Mayor and the three stooges ( Kern, Feller and Lying Lowery) I’m sure they will be looking to endorse another Lying Loser like Terry Johnson – just what Oceanside needs. Oceanside voters – Please make sure to support SOAR – Save Oceanside’s Open Space and Agricultural Resources on the November’s ballot. Stop the corruption and save our agricultural land! Don’t be fooled by their glossy lying mailers and propaganda…lot’s of $$$$$ will be thrown at this election – don’t buy into it. Support Sanchez for District 1 – and get rid of Lying Lowery!

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