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Music: A universal language

Music, a universal language reflecting life’s myriad facets, holds immense cultural importance globally.

It’s Fall, and we all know it’s not long before the holidays are here. With the holidays comes more music, musicals, concerts and recitals.

For those anticipating the shift, a curated playlist offers the perfect backdrop:

“We’re All in This Together” (High School Musical): A lively anthem celebrating friendship and unity, encapsulating the excitement of new beginnings.

“Girl on Fire”(Alicia Keys): An empowering track encouraging confidence and goal-reaching, urging individuals to be like a “girl on fire.”

“You Belong with Me” (Taylor Swift): Taylor Swift’s classic explores the theme of unrequited love in a school setting, resonating with youthful emotions.

“Education” (The Kinks): A socially conscious song emphasizing the universal need for education, irrespective of race, with a catchy chorus.

Viola Concerto in G Major (Georg Philipp Telemann): Closing the list with a classical touch, Telemann’s Viola Concerto in G Major provides a magical and melancholic backdrop suitable for study sessions or embarking on new endeavors.

As the season beckons, fall back into music lessons — a source of joy and inspiration that transcends cultural boundaries.

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