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Satori: Discover the uniqueness of your journey

Within the many transformations we have in life, our evolution leads us to look inward and accept who we are. Discovery of self takes patience, stillness, and silence.

Growing up my background included playing sports, participating in a variety of artistic and recreational activities, then being guided to pursue higher education.  

After beginning my career, an unthinkable event transitioned my being through a series of transformations leading to rediscovering who I thought I was. Within a whirlwind of possibilities, I faced confusion and loss, amongst many gains, that resulted in refocusing attention and finding clarity.  

These changes resulted in pursuing a master’s degree and counseling licensure, where for over 25 years, I have successfully guided many to achieve a fulfilling life. Ten years ago, having experienced many triumphs within my professional and community involvement, I choose to change direction and began including life-coaching to the support provided. This type of guidance is more holistic and addresses the whole person while offering support to lead a fulfilling journey of discovering oneself.  

My awakening led to embracing self-acceptance and self-love, as I aligned with my true authentic self.  What emerged was an expanded awareness of how blessed I am, as my depth of consciousness increased, that resulted in alignment with the higher self. It was by looking inward, believing I held the answer, and trusting the process, that led to a knowing. 

As I inspire others to look beyond what they experience, I have written 2 books, the most recent “Shatter the Illusion” to offer support to those desiring to gain an understanding of this shared experience.  

With the multitude of techniques and practices, my goal is to bring awareness of individual uniqueness, within the oneness, and guide you to discover what works best for your evolution. 

For more information on Enlightened Journey please visit:, email [email protected] or text 619-888-3554.

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