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More4Families helps find what’s important

Kara and Larry Horat have been in real estate in San Diego for many years. With so many changes in the real estate market and the economy over the last few years, the Horats began taking stock of their lives and redefined their priorities.“Losing so much of the ‘stuff’ that we acquired during the boom years really made an impact on our lives,” Larry said. “But the impact was surprisingly very positive.”The experience helped the Horats to think differently about their quality of life and their future.

They decided that this was the perfect chance to try something new.

“Venturing into something other than real estate was terrifying to me,” said Kara. “The task of finding the perfect business that wouldn’t cost us a fortune and where we would have no inventory and no overhead was daunting.”

But, they wanted to change their lives for the better, provide for their financial needs and keep family as their number one priority. So, they started More4Families.

“The best way to explain our business: In a nutshell, we are a marketing organization that represents a specific company. We have a unique business acumen and there are no sales, no inventory, no overhead and no risk,” Kara said. “Our company can help people take control of their income and their lives and we are on a mission to help people here in San Diego do just that,” she added.

More4Families has been growing steadily for the past two years and projections for the next several years are no different. Kara and Larry are hoping to help more families achieve their goals; there are part-or full-time options, offering lots of flexibility. The Horats regularly meet with people interested in More4Families and in a 45-minute consultation, they can explain the business in great detail and answer any questions.

The More4Families organization is currently comprised of 35 people, all from different backgrounds.

For some people, More4Families is an alternative to the corporate grind without having to give up the corporate income; for others it allows one parent to stay at home who would otherwise have to be out in the workforce. Others are securing their retirement and some are paying for their children’s education.

The people on the Horats’ team are all self-motivated and have the desire to achieve a better quality of life, beyond that, there are no specific qualifications.

Since More4Families became successful, the Horats are able to maintain the balance between work and family and earn a healthy six-figure income that’s virtually recession-proof.

“I love that we have flexibility, can work from home and can earn a great income,” Kara said.

“Larry and I set our schedule around our nine-year-old daughter’s activities. It’s amazing that we can both be at school functions and events and we actually take Sundays off now.” she added.

“There’s so much doom and gloom in the news lately,” Larry said. “We’re just thrilled that we get to help families with something positive!”

To learn more about this company, to read other family success stories, or to set up a confidential meeting with a local More4Families business coach, visit their site, or call (858) 876-7563.

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Jake Adams May 13, 2013 at 3:23 pm

I hate business models that do NOT tell you what they are. Guess what, more MLM bull here! Coast news should never have published this zero content promo piece tailored to be an add on to a paid advertiser disguised as journalism.

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