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Michael Schumacher will not seek re-election

CARLSBAD — This year’s City Council race will have one less familiar face.

Michael Schumacher told The Coast News on March 7 he will not seek re-election for 2018. He said the desire to spend more time with his family, especially his two children, is the reason for his decision.

Currently, Priya Bhat-Patel is the only candidate left in the race, although Schumacher filed papers. He clarified he will fulfill his term through the election in November.

“My wife and I have a ninth-grader and an eighth-grader and these next four years is the last four that I have with them at home before they’re off to college,” Schumacher said. “They are super active with sports, school and activities. The kids are growing up so fast and I don’t want to miss it. I can’t get the next four years back and I’m not going to miss it.”

Schumacher said his priority, along with his wife, Cate, is their 15-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter. He said the decision hit him late last year at one of his son’s football games.

Schumacher missed every game except for the championship game last fall and that is when he knew he would not run in this election cycle. He did not rule out an election bid in 2022, but said he and his wife would re-evaluate once their kids have graduated from high school.

“That was the day I decided, ‘nope, I’m not doing that anymore,’” Schumacher said. “I’ve known for a couple of months.”

Schumacher is originally from Fargo, North Dakota, and a graduate of North Dakota State University. His wife is from Denver, but the two moved to Carlsbad in 2001 from Kansas City.

Schumacher owns his own real estate investment company and his background in redevelopment led to his career in public service. In 2003, he graduate from the Carlsbad Citizens Academy and three years later was appointed to the city’s design review board. The academy was a turning point for him and his desire to serve.

In 2009, Schumacher was appointed to the Planning Commission where he served until 2014, when he was appointed to fill the city council seat held by Farrah Douglas. He was elected in November 2014.

His presence as a public servant has left a mark, Mayor Matt Hall said.

“Mike Schumacher is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, understanding individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with,” Hall added. “He always wanted to collaborate and bring the community together to make the best decision possible for the city of Carlsbad.”

In his time in public service, Schumacher said he is proud of how the city has grown and focused on issues such as giving the Village new life. The vitality of the Village was one of his top priorities, noting new and redevelopment have spurred new life into the area. In addition, a new General Plan update and the desalination plant are other milestones Schumacher said he is proud of, although he admitted those plans were in the works years before he took office.

Looking forward, though, Schumacher said the trenching of the railroad tracks through the Village is his top priority, and will remain so until a new council member is elected.

“I’m really proud of how the Village and Barrio are coming along … as far as readaptive use,” he added. “I was involved in the community before I was on the council, and I’m going to be involved with the community after the council.”


Belinda Rachman March 16, 2018 at 7:17 pm

One less developer who wants to destroy the character of our Village!

Addie March 12, 2018 at 9:05 pm

Good decision, both for him personally and for Carlsbad. Enjoy your time with your family. Leave the governing to others who are more capable and more independent-minded.

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