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Messing with political signs is a crime

Considered personal property
Removing legal political signs, defacing them, or just messing with them is a crime that can be prosecuted. In 2008 a Parks and Rec employee in C’bad was found guilty and suffered dire consequences. In addition to a fine and probation, the devoted volunteer subsequently resigned. Helps to take a pic of someone in the act. Consider the consequences if you are inclined to tamper with a candidate’s sign.
Calendars a plenty
For the time being folks are finding lottsa calendars in their mail that are outnumbering personal address labels. Of course it’s suggested that you pony up a contribution for the calendar.
I-5 mania
With interest on the future I-5 expansion plans, a coppla cities have decided their interests should be researched by professionals who have the moxy to understand what it’s really all about. Solbeach was the first to set aside funds for this purpose. O’side most recently has budgeted 80 grand to hire a consultant. Solbeach has invited other cities to co-partner but so far no takers.
Business network announces awards
New Encinitas Business Network that was formed a year ago has announced its first business and community leaders awards. Among them are Erik and Reece Jenson, of Contrast & PRN Physical Rehabilitation Network; Joe Steidl, Ad Zoo; Black Whale Lighting; Headlines for Hair; Fashion
Swirl Boutique; Computer Troubleshooters; CFS Lending; and Discover Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Maureen Muir was named Educator of the Year.
Surfside City OK’s bingo
Electronic bingo will soon be legal at Surfside Race Place and other city locations like Powerhouse Community Center but not at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, which is in a residential zoned area. Only bona fide no-profit organizations can apply for an operating permit. It will be on a two-year trial basis.
C’bad park
Alga Norte Park in C’bad that has been in the planning stage for a coppla years may finally move forward. Funding has been the principal development block. When completed it will include a skate park, competition and therapy pools, a dog park, a water slide, ball fields and playgrounds.
Paid holidays
A superior court judge has ruled the state can’t eliminate two paid holidays on the state employee schedule. These are Columbus Day and Lincoln’s Birthday. The judge ruled elimination of these holidays violated collective bargaining laws. More than 100,000 state workers represented by unions are affected. They will be paid for these days if they worked on those days last year.
Sign spinners
Folks who spin signs in Vista are exempt from a sign ordinance. The spinners were the subject of quite a ruckus in the business community when the city attempted to prohibit them. First Amendment right was one of the issues. Some merchants said they were good for their bizzness.
Build or lease?
To build their own administration building, lease or purchase one has been on the agenda of Del Mar Union School District agenda. It must vacate its current offices in the Ninth Street Shores parcel now that the city will be completing purchase of it to develop it into a community park. However, the Winston School has a long-term agreement to remain. Revenue from the sale of the Balboa Avenue parcel by the city is sufficient to retire a $3.5 million mortgage it has with the district.
Roller derby
There’s a growing interest in women’s roller derby competition throughout the country. Derby Dolls, now based at the fairgrounds, has been competing nationwide for several years and now plays on a banked track. It’s a rough and tumble sport.
None of the above
In Nevada “None of the Above” appears on the ballot as an option according to a published report by McClatchy Tribune.
Solbeach is continuing with its program to redo 101 for more walkability and ease of biking … Sale of the fairgrounds no done deal in spite of the closed door capers by Sen. Christine Kehoe … Sales tax gains have been reported by Vista and Escondido … Violent crime in the county shows a decline … Olivenhain Arts & Crafts Fair is slated on Nov. 13 … Chuck Newton from Del Mar who died Sept. 30 was without peer in Cal’s water industry … Rady Children’s Hospital in the Harbor City has opened a $260 million acute care pavilion … Olivenhain Muni-Water District has been recognized for excellence in financial reporting … Supreme Court has ruled state’s furlough program for state workers is OK … Solbeach Chamber has available for the asking city maps and is selling a passel of promotional stuff … Ivan Gayler of Del Mar has received the San Diego Zoo’s Conservation medal for safeguarding 9 million acres of animal habitat and valuable plants in South American countries and Mexico.

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