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Letters: Oct. 22, 2010

Partisan politics have no place in school board
Recently, again a major political party endorsed one of the San Marcos School Board candidates. Is this an effort to introduce partisan politics into a local race that has nothing to do with the political platform of either party? School boards simply are not the place for partisan politics. We should support school board candidates based on the candidate’s effectiveness, positive leadership and ability to work hard and get things done. The voters in the San Marcos Unified School District are very fortunate — they need no “input” from outsiders to tell them how to vote. This election is a no-brainer. In the last three years the Academic Performance Index of SMUSD increased an astonishing 70 points. Two current board members, candidates Sharon Jenkins and Beckie Garrett, have received numerous endorsements from local SMUSD parents and other people who work with them and know how talented they are. I can guarantee you that not one of these people would say they support Sharon or Beckie because of their party affiliation. Why let any political party turn this into a partisan race? Let’s keep this a race based on the candidates.
Barbara Fischer
San Marcos

Deputy mayor’s endorsement
Dear Encinitas Voters:
We are very blessed to live in our beautiful city of Encinitas. However, over-development and special interests threaten the character of our five communities. Traffic congestion, cut-through traffic in our neighborhoods, unethical behavior by certain City Council members and lack of focus on environmental quality threaten the quality of life, economic health, and the vitality of our city now and into the future.
Encinitas needs leaders who embrace public service and provide government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Encinitas needs leaders who foster open, transparent government and welcome diverse opinions and ideas. Above all, they must be ethical and honest. Teresa Barth and Tony Kranz embody these qualities.
Teresa Barth has demonstrated that she puts the needs of the public ahead of her own and those of her friends and political supporters. She has been a champion of open, transparent government in Encinitas for the past four years and is one of the most honest, ethical people I know. Teresa is also a proven advocate for environmental quality and accountability in local government.
Tony Kranz has demonstrated civic leadership through his involvement in youth sports and testimony before the City Council on a variety of issues throughout the last 10 years. He has proven himself to be a trustworthy and ethical person who has the passion, desire, and ability to serve as an outstanding Encinitas council member. He will strive to preserve the character and charm that define our five communities.
I have confidence that both Teresa and Tony will serve the people of Encinitas in an exemplary manner and restore your faith in your local government. Please join me in voting for them. Thank you!
Maggie Houlihan
Deputy Mayor, City of Encinitas

Del Mar council not ‘representative government’
Del Mar Mayor Richard Earnest was quoted in a local paper this week saying, “I’m not sure anybody would want to spend time looking at it (purchase of the fairgrounds) one way or the other. They elected people to make decisions, let us make decisions. That’s what representative government is supposed to be.”
He is right about representative government, but totally wrong about making major decisions without knowing how to represent the people without finding out what the majority want through a vote!
That is one of the flaws of the Del Mar City Council — making major decisions without asking the people what the majority want. That’s what they did, and are doing with the Shores Property purchase, sale of the Balboa Lot to pay off the Shores note and major remodel of the lifeguard complex.
I’m glad Mr. Earnest is not running for re-election, and hope the two new council members have a different view of “representative government.”

Ralph Peck
Del Mar


embarrassed October 22, 2010 at 7:29 am

We all should be embarrassed in Encinitas. Why have so many people gone crazy?
I support all that the deputy mayor states.
All have the right to speak their mind at election time. That is healthy. Unfortunately, one side is vigorously and boldly, offering untruths, innuendos, unfounded personal attacks and lies to the public, amongst some facts, to deceive the public. Shame on the Dalager/Gaspar political machine. To emphasize the craziness, the president of our Rotary, dressed with a Gaspar tee shirt, moved chairs to the front of Council Member Barth’s seat at a candidates forum and was recorded calling her a whore at a public meeting. Our Rotary is a noble and worthy group that does a lot of good for our community. He should step down. This is not what Rotary stands for.
What we see from one side is ugly and slimey.
We should all be embarrassed.
Vote for truth and transparency. Vote for Barth and Krantz.

Dellie October 22, 2010 at 6:55 am

Thank God this election season is rapidly coming to a conclusion: the letter from the Deputy Mayor of Encinitas, someone who gladly stole the position from the same councilwoman she is now endorsing, along with a regular guy with obvious impulse control problems, has the nerve to discount the other candidate’s running for office with this line,"unethical behavior by certain City Council members" when in fact, the Deputy Mayor, Houlihan is the all time prize winner for FPPC violations, found guilty 70 separate times.
It’s also pretty clear that the Deputy Mayor wrote most of Mr. Kydd’s endorsement; what’s funnier? That Kydd, in his delusion that the majority of readers believe he has principals; or that the Deputy Mayor believes that her endorsement is helpful to Teresa Barth.
There are going to be some pretty disappointed lynch-mob members on Wednesday morning, November 3rd.
Kool-aid for everyone at the next Rotary meeting.

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