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Rancho Santa Fe Association board members receive an update and look at renderings of the proposed Covenant Club. Rendering courtesy Mason Architecture & Design
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Members hear potential Covenant Club design

RANCHO SANTA FE — A crowded room was the scene at the last Rancho Santa Fe Association board of directors meeting. Members in attendance were there to catch a glimpse of potential Covenant Club renderings.

Leading the overview was Jerry Yahr, chair of the Covenant Club subcommittee, as well as board member of the RSF Association.
Standing outside the boardroom were numerous members and both Yahr and Association president, Ann Boon, were concerned not everyone would be able to hear the presentation.

Since every seat was taken in the board room, members were invited to find a seat on the floor and settle in.

And they did.

“The purpose of today’s meeting is really to provide an update to the board and to the community. We’re a little bit late,” Yahr said. “We had actually tried to do this in November and then the agenda was pulled in December so now we’re doing it in January. It was originally scheduled to provide the board and the community with an update after the actual site selection was made to sit between the Player’s Club and the Tennis Club.”

Yahr pointed out that although the agenda indicated that this was an action item, it was really only informational. No actions would be taken on that day.

According to Yahr, committee members and subcommittee members are continuing to research and provide input in terms of technical issues and verifying codes.
“In addition, we’re going through costing right now, and so we’re waiting on our consultant team which includes a cost estimator to analyze these plans and bring forward their preliminary budget,” he said.

Yahr went on to say that there would be a subtask force of the committee, which will work with the design team to understand those numbers. They will then present those calculations to the design committee.

“So, we’re kind of in a work in progress right now, but I think it’s important for not only the board, but for the community to see where we are in the process and this is really where we are as of mid-late December,” he said.

A schematic Covenant Club design was approved by the subcommittee last December which entailed a 12,2000 square foot facility sitting between the RSF Tennis Club and Player’s Club located at the RSF Golf Club.

During the PowerPoint presentation, Yahr discussed a redesign of the current parking lot in order to provide more slots.

“We are analyzing two different parking schemes right now,” he said, noting how two tennis courts may be relocated.

However, Yahr said that even with the potential relocation, the RSF Tennis Club would have 12 tennis courts throughout this whole process.

As guests enter the club, they will be greeted at the reception area. Also located on the first floor would be a kids club, and locker room areas equipped with steam rooms for both female and male members.

Also in this building, plans of a fitness shop and administration offices have also been discussed.

Pathways from the main building lead guests to a café, two movement studios, and fitness studio.

During the presentation, Yahr also showed members the four-lane resort style pool, the situation of cabanas, and an area to order meals and drinks from the café when outdoors.

A water area for children deemed as a splash pad and a five-stall family bathroom was showed in the design. Both are in close proximity for convenience.

The architectural rendering provided great insight, however, the site plan, pool layout and buildings may undergo future modifications.

Following the presentation, a wave of applause was given to Yahr. He was quick to point out the dedication that his fellow subcommittee members have put into this project and that it was a true team effort.

Yahr told the board and Covenant members that the timeline for a finalized design was scheduled in a couple months. Members can also expect to receive a 3D model rendering and in-depth overview packet by spring in preparation for an upcoming vote.

At minimum, Yahr also estimates one more town hall meeting.