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RSF Association undergoes committee appointments

RANCHO SANTA FE — During a recent Rancho Santa Fe Association board of directors meeting kicking off the New Year, it was also a time to decide on committee appointments. Vacant spots to be filled included the Covenant Design Review Committee (CDRC), Trails and Recreation, and Osuna.

First up was the CDRC.

Robert Green, building commissioner for the RSF Association told the board and members that a few individuals were recommended for the vacancy.

“The process from there is that the board would look at those names, perhaps endorse them as nominees, and then you as president would make the selection,” he said, addressing Boon.

Boon noted that in past years, the CDRC approached the board with several recommendations of nominees that were interviewed and then a decision was made.

This year, Boon said, the CDRC recommendation was very strong for one person.

“I’ve chosen to skip the full round of interviews and go with the committee’s recommendation,” Boon said.

The person chosen was Tim Parillo.

Boon thanked Parillo for volunteering as well as the CDRC for the strong endorsement.

Phil Wilkinson then made a motion to add Tyler Seltzer as the new member for the Trails and Recreation committee. Seltzer also currently serves as board president for the Rancho Santa Fe School District.

“I don’t know how many of you know Tyler,” asked Wilkinson, adding how Seltzer also ran the baseball league in town. “He’s incredibly smart, rational thinker, very professional, and very straightforward. I can’t endorse this guy enough.”

The entire board of directors was in favor of Tyler Seltzer who will be fulfilling a three-year term.

Director Jerry Yahr then addressed the Osuna Committee and one vacancy needing to be filled. Currently, this spot is in the recruiting phase as names and interested parties are collected.