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Marketplace News: The home automation trend is popular among parents

According to a 2016 survey, home automation – such as home entry notifications and video monitoring- is gaining in popularity among parents.

Today, nearly one in four parents either uses a home automation system or plans to within one year. The use of technology has become so prevalent that parents prefer using it to check on what’s happening at home, rather than friends or neighbors.

According to survey results, 73% of parents rely on texting to check in with teens and tweens who are home alone at least once or twice a month; 71% rely on phone calls, and only 18% rely on a friend or neighbor.

Home automation provides dependable, real-time, unfiltered information about what’s happening at home. 

For parents, it can provide peace of mind, especially during the summer months when kids are home alone.

Parents may not realize the extent to which they are able to automate their home.

With Cox Homelife you are able to:

• Lock and unlock doors from a keypad or mobile app;

• Detect carbon monoxide and smoke;

• See what’s happening at home even when you are not there using secure video monitoring via a smart phone;

• Take a picture when the front door opens, or send a text message if the door does not open between certain times you expect your child to come home;

• Turn off small appliances remotely; 

• Arm and disarm your system remotely;

• Turn lights on and off remotely.

According to those surveyed, certain technologies are considered “must haves” for smart home technology: 

• Emergency alert, 89%

• Home alarm control, 84%

• Entry and lock control, 81%

Furthermore, four out of five parents surveyed are comfortable leaving teens and tweens home alone, and technology helps ease concerns.

Home automation isn’t just for busy parents. Frequent travelers, pet lovers, energy conscious consumers and budget managers will all find technology brings cost savings, peace of mind, remote monitoring and much more.

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