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Marketplace News: Contour offers something for everyone

Technology has improved many aspects of the home, including how we experience TV, and the ability to tailor it to our individual personal viewing preferences. Cox’s Contour offers the simplest, fastest way to search and access entertainment on multiple devices, including televisions, mobile phones and tablets. With Contour, easy-to-use features such as a voice controlled remote, smart search and recommendations, personalized apps and updated “Last” button will help every member of the household find what they want, when they want it.

With Cox’s Contour, there really is something for everyone.

Tech Impaired

Voice Controlled Remote. Use voice commands to change channels, find shows, get recommendations and more. The Contour voice controlled remote even responds to popular phrases such as “Show me movies” to help you find your favorites.

Busy Bee

Personalized Weather, News and Traffic Apps. Check traffic for your commute to work, local weather, and more with the click of a button. Apps are launched on the TV screen without interrupting your current show.

TV Lover

The “Last” Nine. An updated ‘Last’ button gives you quick access to the last nine programs you recently viewed so that you can easily resume watching where you left off.

Concerned Parent

Parental Controls. A Kids Zone provides a parental control walled garden for kids to browse and play video content. Integrated Common Sense Media helps parents select appropriate content or select days and times to “lock” access to your TV.

Sports Enthusiast

Sports App. Connect to the sports app simultaneously with other programming to get scores and stats without interrupting your current show. 

Tech Savvy

Smart Search. Search visually with show title art organized by category, network and genre. Find what you’re looking for in seconds by typing in the first few letters of a network, title, genre or actor on the remote control and get instant search results across live TV, On Demand and your DVR.

Movie Buff

Smart Recommendations.

Get TV show and movies based on what you like to watch, whether you prefer action movies, romantic comedies, classics or even a favorite actor.

Data Devotee 

Two Terabytes of Storage. Store up to 300 hours of high definition programming and 1,000 hours of standard definition programming, and record six programs at the same time.

Late Show Enthusiast

Connected TVs. Start watching a program in one room and finish it in another. Plus, enjoy smaller boxes for additional TVs in the home.


Contour App. Stream programming seamlessly anywhere in your home using the Contour app on your tablet or smartphone. 


On Demand Entertainment. Access thousands of movies, TV shows and kid’s programs instantly – all searchable through colorful poster art. Plus, take advantage of on screen Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster ratings to help you decide what to watch.

Contour isn’t about watching TV, it’s about the experience. Learn more at, and experience it yourself by visiting a Cox Solutions Store today.