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Local Business Community Supports the RSF Education Foundation

Community Partners Chair Lea Park, Inn at RSF General Manager Jerome Strack, Inn at RSF Marketing Manager Morgan Howitt. Courtesy photo
Community Partners Chair Lea Park, Inn at RSF General Manager Jerome Strack, Inn at RSF Marketing Manager Morgan Howitt. Courtesy photo

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation (RSFEF) is pleased to announce that it will be continuing its Community Partners Program this year!  Launched in the fall of 2017, the program was built on the success of long-standing partnerships with The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe and Wells Fargo and was expanded to include 23 local businesses in its inaugural year.

Revenue received from community partners offsets event expenses during the year and allows parent funds to support the Rancho Santa Fe School District directly through the Education Foundation’s Annual Giving Campaign.

Annual contributions from the RSFEF are over $1 million and represent 12 percent of the district’s annual operating budget this year. “The school and the local business community are important to each other and we wanted to develop a program that was beneficial to both,” said RSFEF Community Partners Chair Lea Park, parent volunteer at R. Roger Rowe School. “Many of our school families own or are involved with local businesses so it makes sense to work together to support the school.”

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is one of the pillars of the Community Partners Program, providing the venue and underwriting for many RSFEF events throughout the years. “We value our relationship with the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation and are happy we can help the school, which is a unique and important part of the community,” General Manager Jerome Strack said.

Community Partners purchase full-page ads in the annual R. Roger Rowe School Family Directory and receive additional brand exposure throughout the school year through event attendance and signage, logo and website links and social media presence. Exposure and event invitations vary by level. The entry price for a full-page directory ad is $1,500 (Supporter) and the top level (Platinum) is $15,000-plus. Local businesses participating this year include three Platinum sponsors: RSF Covenant Partners (Janet Lawless Christ and Co., Rancho Santa Fe Insurance, Guaranteed Rate and Jackey/Robinson Group), Latitude 33 Aviation and the Inn at RSF. Gold level sponsors include Frank Financial Advisors, Cesar Restaurant, Union Bank — The Private Bank, and Wells Fargo — The Private Bank. Silver level sponsors are RSF Attack Soccer, The Rancho Santa Fe Group at Morgan Stanley, and Charco Design & Build and UBS. Supporters who purchased full-page directory ads are Davis Pediatric Dentistry, Schubach Aviation, Yoshikane Orthodontics, Oasis MD Lifestyle Healthcare, Moon Valley Nurseries, Rancho Car Wash, Brett’s BBQ, Wealth Preservation LLC, Hyperikon, Rancho Santa Fe Orthodontics, Image Spa MD and Connie Pittard, Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty. The deadline for inclusion in the 2017-2018 annual directory is Sept. 29.

The RSFEF will hold a reception in September 2017 for current and prospective local community partners, providing a great opportunity to network with local businesses, learn more about the program and connect with school administration.

For more information about the RSFEF and the Community Partners Program, please contact Lea Park at  (949) 922-8310. The RSFEF is a 501 (c )(3) nonprofit organization started by RSF School parents 20 years ago to support small class sizes and enrichment programs not covered by public funding.

By Barbara Edwards, RSFEF development director