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Letters week of 9/2/11

Restaurant staff deserves kudos
Home Town Buffet at College Boulevard and Highway 76 in Oceanside is like most restaurants. It has its “regulars.” Many are older folk with few, if any, family nearby.
One such “regular,” an elderly lady, failed to appear for three days. This concerned another “regular,” Mary Ann, who mentioned the absence to the Home Town management team. This alarmed Home Town staff as well.
After some discussion, food bar manager Darren Snow stopped by the lady’s home, even though he had a family waiting for him at home after completing his long shift.
While he was knocking on doors and peeking in windows, neighbors called the police. After inquiry as to his actions, they joined Darren in peeking. Though the police officers were concerned that there might be a problem, they could not break in without “probable cause.”
Finally, one spotted an undergarment lying in the hall, obviously out of place in this immaculately cared for home. This gave them cause, so they had a locksmith open the door.
As suspected, the beloved “regular” was lying on the bathroom floor, dangerously dehydrated and starving after three days deprivation. The police officers opined that had Darren not checked on his customer, she would have died by the next morning.
Darren has displayed his empathy by stopping in to visit his customer several times. This dear lady seems not to be recovering as quickly as hoped for, but she is in a recovery care facility at this time (Aug. 30).
The staff at Home Town Buffet will be overjoyed when she returns to her regular table. Prayers for her full recovery would be appropriate and helpful.
In this day when so little attention is given to another’s well-being, our “hero” Darren Snow deserves recognition and commendation. Perhaps more of us will be encouraged to take precious time to reach out to others. We are all co-dependent. So, please stop by and shake Darren’s hand.

Willis Langford

Waiting for confirmation
Medical marijuana: no turning back

In response to the letter by Jon Sullivan, which asserts that medical marijuana clinics harbor 20 year-old party types (“Letters to the Editor,”….),  I would have to say that he makes some good points, but he does not paint the total picture.
The American people voted to legalize the weed and there is no turning back now.  We do not care what the corporate-occupied government thinks about demonizing our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  The states are beginning to nullify federal law, as government has become a tyrant and fearful master.
I am 60 years of age and have been smoking marijuana for 45 years with no negative consequences.
People who have a problem with marijuana should ask themselves a basic question:  does it contribute to the national security to allow al-Qaeda, outlaw motorcycle gangs and the Mexican mafia to control the trade?
It is far better to legalize and tax marijuana so that the bread and butter of crime lords becomes forfeit to expropriation by state and local government.
My chief complaint against the pot outlets is that someone is making a huge profit, while local government continues to collect pennies on the dollar. Marijuana is too expensive and so the price should be forcibly reduced by county authorities, so that medical patients can get their herb at a reasonable price. 
In addition,  government should garner 50 to 60 percent of all dope profits in this time of declining revenues.
There is no such thing as a “donation” to an alleged nonprofit agency. 
Thor H. Asgardson
Cardiff, CA.

Police should ‘serve and protect’

The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club need to not only deal with their marijuana smoking fans but last Friday night while enjoying the concert the evening took a sad turn about halfway through the show. 
I watched an extremely intoxicated man and woman stumble around the concert, and I personally watched her fall 5 times in the span of less than 20 minutes.
I overheard several people talk to security to remove this woman who was obviously way too drunk to be out in public, but when security and the sheriff’s department finally escorted her out, all they did was walk her to the door and turn her loose into the community. I was shocked that our police force could let two people so obviously intoxicated leave without any assistance.
Now I’m all for personal accountability and people watching out for themselves but this couple was an obvious danger to themselves and everyone else on the road should they decide to drive.
I’m not sure what happened to them or how they got home, but I expected a little more from the people who have sworn to “Serve and Protect” our streets.

Sara Bernstein
San Diego