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Violated by settlement

Am I the only citizen in our county who feels violated by this settlement? If I understand it correctly the taxpayers will fork out nearly a third of $1 million to avoid greater exposure caused as a result of the misuse of our tax dollars by Supervisor Dave Roberts. And he is still in office!

Aren’t there ethics that govern behavior of our supervisors?

Aren’t there laws in place that might protect the taxpayer from “inappropriate” use of county funds? I realize that only a moronic electorate would re-elect this man but I am skeptical about our future if there is nothing in place as a deterrent save the possibility of not staying in office while, once again, a docile, dumbstruck electorate picks up the tab!

Jeff Tuttle,



Council endorses Caruso

How is it possible that the Carlsbad City Council is not only endorsing the Caruso project without going through proper channels, but lending their sanction to Caruso’s propaganda to discouraging citizens from voting on the matter.

This is not the forward thinking city I moved to 39 years ago, and certainly not the City Council members I intend to vote for again.

Kathryn Casler Parker,



Support 85/15

Please respect the process. Support the unanimous vote of our trusted Carlsbad City Council members, and their roles, which they were elected to by Carlsbad residents. Do not sign the petition for the best of Carlsbad. Mayor Matt Hall and the Carlsbad city council voted unanimously to support the 85/15 plan after hearing from a multitude of Carlsbad residents and thoroughly reviewed it. SDG&E owns the land that the strawberry farms are on.

This is land that has been in danger of being sold to developers for years.

Many members of the City Council can testify to the efforts they have made to keep the fields in the city.

If this deal is overturned Carlsbad has a good chance of losing its iconic strawberry fields. There is no guarantee. This deal also includes many protections and reforms that are needed.

And the land has been set aside for commercial use, so without the 85/15 plan we are very likely to see a 100 percent plan where we lose a lot more of the natural habitat than what is currently in the process.

Significantly, the 85/15 Plan means Jimmy Ukegawa’s beloved small family business is safe and Carlsbad’s strawberry farming is ensured for generations to come.

This is my hope for the future families and children to reside in Carlsbad. Signing the petition means Carlsbad loses this great staple of our community.

Carlsbad residents, like myself, have volunteered tirelessly and their support should be recognized. It has been a great pleasure to bring the 85/15 Plan’s vision to life with my friends and neighbors.

This is what Carlsbad is all about.

Let us not give up and continue working to bring this great plan to fruition. Continue urging others to please support the unanimous vote of our trusted Carlsbad city council members, and respect the process. This petition should not be signed. 85/15 means a better Carlsbad, not only for us Carlsbad residents, but our children and grandchildren — the future generations.

Dane Pearson,



C Allen October 4, 2015 at 10:25 am

Dane Pearson: Youre kidding, right? I would venture a wager that neither you, nor your grandkids or children live nearby, nor try and commute to and from work, school, etc, with the additional traffic this project will bring.

Don Burton October 1, 2015 at 11:57 am

Caruso supporters (including Mr. Pearson) continue to cut and paste their comments all over the place, simply adding to the perception that they want to drown out all voices in opposition. One clear question remains unanswered by any of Caruso’s employees or supporters. How can you support someone who hired paid signature gatherers some of whom violated the law and engaged in criminal activities (voter/petition fraud) and continued to do so even after such activity was brought to the attention of our Mayor and City Council? Such blatant disregard of the law and of ethical standards in general tells the citizens of Carlsbad all we need to know about Mr. Caruso. Should any other developer wish to build on this site, I might support the idea. I can not and will not support this developer no matter how wonderful this proposal seems to be simply because I refuse to side with someone who not only condones but actively encourages dishonest, unethical and illegal behavior on his behalf. Those who support this man must share his “win at all costs” and ” the ends justifies the means” mentality. Machiavelli must be very proud is his disciple.

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