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Letters: Oct. 17, 2008

Encinitas council needs new blood
The Nov. 4 Encinitas City Council election will be key to maintaining a decent quality of life. We need to put some real thought into who we will vote for. The re-election of Jerome Stocks and Jim Bond will be detrimental to Encinitas and our quality of life.
Here are some reasons not to vote for Stocks and Bond: The two have consistently voted against a transparent government for Encinitas, they violated the Brown Act though they continue to deny it.
Follow the money from local and out-of-town developers’ campaign donations and it will lead you to Jerome Stocks, thus his fundraising advantage.
The two supported the Mossy property boondoggle, which started as $9 million “turn-key” project for a public works yard but in reality it has been a “turkey” that will cost taxpayers over $12 million.
The two voted to ban smoking on our local beaches only after it became politically expedient to do so.
The two supported a ridiculous $33,000 raise for Phil Cotton after six months on the job even though Mr. Cotton had zero city manager experience.
The Stocks and Bond pro-development agenda has resulted in the half-finished Barratt American/David Meyer Nantucket development in Leucadia. That project was questionable to begin with.
The fenced off Quail Gardens project, which was opposed by the neighbors, sits as an eyesore and a reminder of the Stocks and Bond devotion to developers.
The Stocks and Bond affinity to pave over and build out Encinitas without the infrastructure to support traffic has resulted in gridlock throughout the city.
It is time to rid Encinitas of two self-serving myopic councilmen. We need the two replaced by candidates with an open mind, who will listen to and represent the residents and who are not beholden to their developer cronies.
Hector Lopez

U.S. needs to be weaned off foreign energy sources
The issues of global warming and a clean energy policy have unfortunately taken a back seat to the serious economic turmoil we are currently facing. One bright spot in this crisis is the idea that investment in new, clean sources of energy will create jobs and capital and stimulate the economy. A positive side effect would be the reduction of global warming gasses by switching to clean energy sources. The eventual winner of the 50th Congressional District race, Brian Bilbray or Nick Leibham, should make it a priority to push for clean energy legislation that would provide financial incentives for businesses and households to adopt solar, wind, and other clean forms of energy. Tax credits must also be extended to those who purchase hybrid, natural gas, or other high mileage, low emissions vehicles. The government should also establish a 10-year plan to wean the United States off of foreign energy sources, as proposed by Sen. Obama, and make this country energy independent with truly clean energy and not fossil-based fuels. This is not only imperative for our environment it is vital to our economic future.
David M. Trautman

Vote Rachelle Collier for Encinitas council
I strongly urge Encinitas residents to vote for Rachelle Collier for City Council. I have known Rachelle for many years as a friendly neighbor, concerned citizen, and dedicated activist. A recent Union-Tribune article described her as “nice,” which she is, but that does not mean she will not fight to keep Encinitas unique, safe and beautiful.
I have watched Rachelle volunteer many, many hours of her time over the years to various local causes, including fights to keep large developers from changing the character of our older neighborhoods, efforts to create more parks and open space areas, and proposals to clean up public areas along Highway 101 and the railroad and help local merchants. I also like that Rachelle is very concerned about vital environmental, water conservation, and traffic issues.
Best of all, unlike some candidates, Rachelle will be independent and not influenced by developers who want to make quick bucks from developing local flower properties without concern for aesthetics, density, or neighborhood character. I trust Rachelle, along with candidate Maggie Houlihan, to be cooperative and reasonable City Council members, to promote transparency and accountability in local government, and to be honest and effective leaders for all Encinitas neighborhoods.
Debra Miller

Put a stop to sign-stealing
Every election cycle in Encinitas, we have a group of people who feel it is fun to steal political signs. Unfortunately, the signs they steal are the ones paid for by the citizens of Encinitas. Maggie Houlihan and I are running a grass roots campaign. Almost all of our donations come from the community. Therefore, the community is paying for the signs. It does not go unnoticed that those whose signs are paid for by out-of-town or special interests are not being taken.
I would also like to point out that when you take signs from private property you are trespassing which is breaking the law. I am asking that from now on, everyone act like adults and not take the signs of other candidates. 
Thank you.
Rachelle Collier
Encinitas City Council Candidate 

Encinitas’ character is at stake
As residents in Encinitas for the past eight years, we are concerned about the city’s future. We are voting for Rachelle Collier for the following reasons: She will promote transparency and accountability in our local government and she will stop the loopholes that are benefiting the builders and developers. Encinitas is a lovely city and has a small-town atmosphere. We need to protect what we have with very careful and thoughtful development. It is time for a fresh approach. We need a City Council that will protect our quality of life and property values along with maintaining our community character.
Please vote for Rachelle Collier and Maggie Houlihan. They, along with Teresa Barth, will create a new and refreshing majority on our City Council.
Stan and Janet Neill

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Lynn Marr October 27, 2008 at 7:47 am

I agree with the thoughtful and well considered letters from this past Friday. Encinitas City Council does need “new blood.” Jerome Stocks and James Bond have consistently voted against open government by refusing to honor the intent of the Brown Act with respect to noticing and reporting of closed sessions council meetings held on the same day as regular council meetings.

Our city would greatly benefit by becoming a Charter City and establishing term limits for Council Members. Jerome Stocks has been in office for eight years, James Bond, for 16. We need a change. Stocks’ latest “tactic” is to bolt down the public speaker dais so that people who come to speak during oral communications or during agenda items, cannot have any interaction with the audience. We are tired of being treated with discourtesy and disdain.

I am voting for Bob Nanninga and Rachelle Collier, both endorsed by the Sierra Club, and Joe Sheffo, who has pledged no new or increased taxes and city fees.

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