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Letter: We need a carbon bill to reduce emissions

“The United States should establish a price on carbon. It must be fair, economy-wide, and effective in reducing emissions consistent with the Paris Agreement. This is the single most important step to manage climate risk and drive the appropriate allocation of capital.”

This is the “fundamental finding” of a report issued by the US government’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

This report was authored by representatives of environmental organizations, oil companies, financial institutions, academia, and agriculture.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a carbon pricing bill that is fair, economy-wide, and effective in reducing emissions has already been introduced in the US House of Representatives. 

It assesses a pollution fee on all fossil fuels, so their price reflects their true cost, making clean energy sources more competitive. 

The money collected is returned equally to the American public, compensating us for the increase in fuel costs.  Please support this bill.

Larry Peranich

San Diego

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