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Letter to the Editor: Coming to your home: Dangerous 5G microwave grid

By Dietmar E. Rothe

On August 21, under pressure to adopt an Urgency Ordinance, the Encinitas City Council left the door open for carriers to deploy wireless Fifth Generation (5G) broadband (600Mhz to 300GHz) receiver, amplifier, and antenna facilities into Residential Districts next to your property line. Staff Report reads: “This project aligns with the Strategic Plan goals for Public Safety.” But is it really safe? City Staff and Council are only concerned about hiding these facilities from view, and arguing about the size of RF warning signs, while pretending that they are concerned about your safety. Hogwash!

This is a serious “Deep State” attack on your physical and mental health, on your privacy and your personal freedom. Full 5G deployment enables mass mind control, while also targeting individual “smart” devices, such as TVs and cell phones, with subliminal emotion triggers and personal surveillance.

Early 5G test deployments in EU cities resulted in a storm of complaints from residents who subsequently felt ill (confusion, sleeplessness, muscle pain, migraine, heart palpitations, etc).

Council considers citywide 5G deployment a done deal, maintaining that we cannot oppose FCC rules without risking being sued. Why are city representatives shaking in their boots about being sued by special interests groups, if they do what is best for the citizens? Three weeks ago, a 5G amplifier box and antenna were already installed next to our house. The technician stated they would be activated in 60 days. Because much of the 5G radiation has a short range, every street will soon have several 5G antennas in every block.

Present FCC maximum permissible exposure levels for 600Mhz to 100GHz radiation range between 2 and 5 milliwatt per cm2, based on heating effects on water in your body for short time exposures of 6 minutes. Long-term damages, like cancer, are ignored. They also ignore that all processes in the human body are regulated by minute electrical signals in the microvolt range. Thus, human health can be drastically affected by electromagnetic interference from microwaves at even very low intensities, 100 to 1000 times lower than FCC standards.

Certain 5G frequencies can penetrate into the human brain. This opens the door for wide-scale mind control, using microwave signals that have been modulated with low frequencies matching designated brain wave frequencies. This has been known to scientists and the military since WWII. Microwaves above 600 MHz and millimeter waves above 100 GHz have long been deployed in antipersonnel military weapons systems.

Implementation of 5G microwave grids is also driven by promoters of the “Internet of Things,” namely by corporations that profit from seeing everyone’s home filled with smart TVs, smart security systems, smart everything; a home were all things, including humans, are electronically interconnected into a system that can be manipulated, controlled, and spied upon by secret government agencies. The proposed small cell (600 ft by 600 feet) design of the microwave grid makes it possible for inhabitants in any small cell to be individually controlled (even eliminated) by microwave signals beamed down from satellites.

We should not be guinea pigs for these nefarious endeavors! 5G deployment is not just a City issue but a global one. Individuals, City, County and State Governments must fervently oppose its deployment.

Dietmar E. Rothe, P.Eng. Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering Physics, is a resident of Encinitas


Bill Vanderburgh October 7, 2019 at 8:59 am

The letter writer says, “Full 5G deployment enables mass mind control, while also targeting individual “smart” devices, such as TVs and cell phones, with subliminal emotion triggers and personal surveillance.” This is complete hogwash, of course, and should immediately undermine everything else he says. Mind control by 5G? Give me a break. Conspiracy theories don’t deserve to be part of the rational public conversation. An engineer should know better.

San Diego October 5, 2019 at 8:48 pm

The potential to use these antennas as a radio frequency weapon is very frightening but hopefully not a common occurrence.

The health concerns however seem very valid given that Switzerland and Belgium both refused installations until a exposure monitoring service was in place for the sake of public safety. As far as I know, there is no standard for that in the U.S. and I would not count on the FCC to provide one. It will be up to private firms to purchase RF spectrum analyzers that cover 0-300 GHZ and ensure antennas are operating at safe power levels in addition to any other problems they might be causing.

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