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Letter: Time to pass the DRUG Act

Dear Editor, 

Like so many members of our community, my aunt lives with diabetes and relies on insulin to live a “normal” life. She shouldn’t have to worry about rising high out-of-pocket costs that make it more difficult for her to access the life-saving treatments and medications she needs — and yet, that is sadly her reality. 

It’s disheartening that lawmakers haven’t addressed the need to reform Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), perpetuating high out-of-pocket costs for patients and hindering community members’ access to essential care. 

Congress should promptly enact PBM reform, and Sen. Alex Padilla can play a pivotal role in championing this cause.

Legislation like the DRUG Act would help rein in and reform the shadowy tactics PBMs use to rake in the profits while making it harder for millions of patients to get their physician-prescribed medications in a timely manner. 

Among other reforms, the DRUG Act would help ensure PBMs are sharing the savings and discounts they secure from drug manufacturers with patients in order to help alleviate their out-of-pocket burdens. 

Reforming PBM practices that threaten patients must be at the top of Congress’s to-do list. This is a critical issue that millions of patients and voters are counting on our leaders to address. It’s time for Congress to protect patients by passing the DRUG Act without delay. 

Jacklyn Parhar

San Diego

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