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North River Farms development conceptual site plan. The development project will be determined by voter referendum, Measure L, in November. Courtesy image
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Letter: North River Farms is NOT a farm

To The Coast News,

How about the next time you write an article about NRF Fake Farm you print the real map instead of the pretty propaganda pictures from Integral/NRF housing development.

IT is NOT a farm. It’s a 585-unit housing development.

Plenty of people in O’side can talk about how harmful this project is: myself, Diane Nygaard, Jason Mraz, etc. Perhaps you could review the arguments on the Measure for some more meaningful background by seeing who is signing them? A pretty damn stellar cast of real people who care about the land.

This is one of the most important issues facing Oceanside: Should we continue to  let politicians change the rules to destroy agriculture land or not?

You may be interested to know the State has passed legislation that states the policy is to AVOID agricultural land for housing with the exception of farm worker housing. The developer fails to mention that.

In these trying times of COVID we should be protecting that land, not destroying it for luxury housing that few Oceansiders can afford.

California’s Senate Bill 330 states: “The Legislature also recognizes that premature and unnecessary development of agricultural lands for urban uses continues to have adverse effects on the availability of those lands for food and fiber production and on the economy of the state.

“Furthermore, it is the policy of the state that development should be guided away from prime agricultural lands; therefore, in implementing this section, local jurisdictions should encourage, to the maximum extent practicable, in filling existing urban areas.”

The developer Integral also didn’t tell the truth on their ballot arguments. They used acreages that are simply made-up numbers. if they can’t get that right, how can we trust anything else they say?

Approval of this project would allow the camel’s nose in the tent putting all 3,350 acres of Morro Hills at risk. Have you been out to the area to see the rural, magnificent nature of these lands? The rolling, rich, fertile hills are magnificent and irreplaceable.

Oceanside cannot let politicians change the rules to suit their developer donors.

I, along with farmers, educators, veterans and others recommend a hearty NO on L. For more info see:

Nadine Scott