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Letter: Facts about the Boo Bash controversy

To the Editor:

As the election approaches, EUSD parents urgently need to hear the truth behind controversial and misleading headlines that made national news last week.

The real story is simple.

EUSD is not hosting, planning, promoting or in any way affiliated with Boo Bash.

Important facts:

• A Boo Bash ad came to EUSD parents via email from a third-party marketing company called PeachJar.

• PeachJar emails about a dozen ads a week to EUSD parents. The ads are all marked “Distribution of this flyer does not imply endorsement by EUSD.”

• Parents have a choice to opt-in to receive PeachJar emails, and the choice to opt out any time.

• Children do not receive PeachJar emails and were not the recipients of any Boo Bash advertising.

• The school board does not exercise approval over flyers emailed by PeachJar.

Activists (including non-EUSD parents) staged a hostile takeover at a recent school board meeting. They used the public forum to make outrageous and false allegations against school board members.

Videos of their lie-filled speeches went viral on social media and local news, even going national on Tucker Carlson and the New York Post, to name a few.

They also altered the Boo Bash flyer to make it falsely appear that the event was hosted by school officials on school grounds.

Many of us parents are not offended by the notion of a Halloween party in Hillcrest with a family-friendly Disney villain-themed drag show. We are alarmed and saddened by the harm this false story has afflicted on our LGBTQ+ community.

But for those who prefer to incorrectly equate drag with porn, who refuse to learn the actual definition of drag performance, who choose to live in fear and ignorance of our LGBTQ+ neighbors, I hope that we can still agree that the truth matters.

Spreading lies during election season is against democracy, against our community, and ultimately against our children. 

There is definitely no such thing as family-friendly fascism. Be careful where you get your news.

This letter was submitted jointly on behalf of the following EUSD/SDUHSD parents and community members: Joanie Mendenhall-Lefkowits, Brad Lefkowits, Talitha Matlin, Farhad Mahmoudi, Brittney Chase, Anna Travesa, Susan Grant Legacki, Leilani Johnson, Eric Johnson, Kristen Medina, Todd Gill, Emily Gill, Liza Suh M.D., Jody White, James White, Tiffany Rogers, Chris Rogers, Tommie Lincecum, Natalie Drennan, David Legacki, Sheri McCampbell, Tiffany O’Brien, Sonya Kinzly, Robyne Ruterbusch, Amber Ingoglia, Denise Ann Preston, Suzanne Ingoglia, Dr. Vic Ruterbusch, Carol Skiljan, Jeff Perry, Lindsay Waltman, Kathy Stenger, Sandy Gereaux, Kim Means, Tina Zucker, Mace Viemeister, August Ruterbusch, Zander Ruterbusch, Chuck Leek, Inge Bisconer, Ronette Youmans, Catherine Naderi, Morgan Hagerty, Tim Hagerty, Jennipher Wilson, Johanna Wagstaff, Lisa Nava, Todd Burckin, Amy Wasserman, Stacy Prida, Jenny Oehler, Adele Josepho, Maren Paster, Marina Fleming, Mary Anne Mendenhall, Gordon Watson, Tammy Friedeck, Troy Friedeck, Simone MacLellan and Dennis Nicely.