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Kids for Peace help Ukraine
Carlsbad-based Kids For Peace launched a Love For Ukraine video and fundraising campaign 

Kids for Peace send love, money to Ukraine

CARLSBAD — In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Carlsbad-based Kids For Peace launched a Love For Ukraine video and fundraising campaign to send love and financial support to Ukrainian mothers and their children. See the video at

Through the submitted videos and financial donations, Kids for Peace were able to create the Love for Ukraine video and provide direct financial support to 280 Ukrainian refugees in Kozy, Poland.

The group will be extending the support to 550 additional Ukrainian refugee mothers and their children. As of April 1, the group had raised $16,74.67, The second round of funding will be distributed the first week of April, among two Polish communities, Porabka and the district of Lipnik. The goal is to provide cash gifts to 550 Ukrainian mothers and children for their fundamental needs. In order to provide each family member with a $25 cash gift, Kids For Peace is aiming to raise an additional $3,325.33. Donate at

Porabka is a small Polish village of around 3,800 people who are currently hosting 350 Ukrainian refugees. Students in five local Polish schools are currently working on “You Are Loved” hearts and preparing love-infused envelopes to be used to hand out the cash gift donations. The funds for all 350 Ukrainian refugees will be distributed April 4 to April 8, from a designated aid warehouse, which the refugee families visit daily to procure the most needed supplies.

Lipnik is a district of Bielsko-Biala city with nearly 6,000 people who are hosting more than 200 Ukrainian refugees. Currently, there are more than 40 Ukrainian children enrolled at the local Polish elementary school and Kids for Peace will directly support those children and their siblings, mothers and grandparents. In addition there are children – mostly orphans and children with disabilities – in the care of local churches and community centers who will receive help.