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Rabbi Levi Raskin presents a plaque to event sponsors Dr. Bob Shilman and Mao Shillman. Photo by Lauren Radack
Rabbi Levi Raskin presents a plaque to event sponsors Dr. Bob Shilman and Mao Shillman. Photo by Lauren Radack
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Inn at RSF takes part in Chanukah celebration

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe created the perfect destination for those who wanted to partake in a Chanukah Celebration.  Hosted by the Chabad Jewish Center of Rancho Santa Fe, this year’s theme was Frozen Chanukah, “Let it Glow.”

“We are very blessed that this year, the Inn partnered with us for our annual RSF Chanukah Celebration,” Rabbi Levi Raskin said.  “We give special thanks to the general manager, Jerome, and director of sales, Rob, and their incredible staff for helping make the event run so smoothly.”

Overall, Rabbi Raskin said the feedback was immense and so many families were thrilled.

The celebration started with hot latkes and traditional jelly doughnuts called, “sufganiyot.”

Rabbi Raskin went on to say how the ice skating at the Inn was a big hit for both children and adults.  He described it as bringing an authentic east coast effect to the holiday.

“Children were entertained by a Human Dreidel and Chanukah clowns who did face painting and gave out Chanukah balloons,” he said.

Rabbi Raskin went on to say how profound words were delivered by psychologist, Dr. Edith Eva Eger, a local holocaust survivor and adopted member to the Rancho Santa Fe Hebrew School family.  Standing before the crowd, 70 years after being liberated from Auschwitz, Rabbi Raskin said, Dr. Edith Eva Egers’ heartfelt words of encouragement and pride brought people new meaning to their Chanukah celebrations.

“After the inspirational menorah lighting and festive spirited dancing, guests were treated to a Chanukah fire show, the warmth and spirit of the community celebration was extremely palpable,” he said.  “Chanukah is a time when families and communities around the globe unite by the menorah to celebrate the holiday bringing warmth and light into their life and what better way to celebrate together as a Rancho Santa Fe family.  We at Chabad Jewish Center of Rancho Santa Fe are here to help keep the flame burning throughout the year.”

Event sponsors were Dr. Bob and Mao Shillman.  All programs, Rabbi Raskin said, are funded by its local supporters.  And it’s through this support; special events can be hosted and remembered.

“We owe tremendous gratitude to our annual Rancho Santa Fe Chanukah Celebration Sponsors Dr. Bob and Mao Shillman, who, like our menorah, are a ray of light to our community and world,” he said.  “I want to wish the Rancho Santa Fe community a very happy and healthy New Year.  May 2015 bring our community together for many more celebrations.

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