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Jody Hubbard, who has represented Cardiff on the Encinitas City Council for two years, resigned to focus on her health. Courtesy photo

Hubbard resigns from Encinitas City Council to battle cancer

ENCINITAS — Encinitas City Councilwoman Jody Hubbard, who has represented Cardiff for the last two years, resigned from her position on Jan. 13 at the beginning of a City Council meeting. Hubbard announced last August that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. But the cancer metastasized and has spread to her brain.

Hubbard is responding well to treatment, but she said she simply doesn’t have the energy to fight cancer and fight for the city simultaneously.

“It’s really been a great honor to serve and represent the residents of Cardiff, where my home is, and all the residents of District 3 and the city of Encinitas on the City Council,” she told the council. “My current health condition makes it impossible for me to dedicate the time and the focus that the Encinitas residents deserve in their elected representative.”

During her two years on council, she helped champion the Cardiff Rail Trail, part of a larger system that aims to link Oceanside to San Diego. The 1.3-mile stretch was completed in 2019 and now provides a dedicated space for runners, cyclist and strollers alike.

Hubbard also refused to back down on her stance supporting residents experiencing homelessness. The city’s safe parking lot on the Leichtag Foundation property is the only one of its kind in North County, providing a safe haven for individuals living out of their cars.

Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear extended her gratitude and wished Hubbard the best of luck with her treatment. She promised to continue fighting for the issues Hubbard cares about.

Hubbard’s fellow councilmembers also praised her for her dedication to the city. Councilmember Kellie Hinze said Hubbard was her inspiration to run for City Council. “[You] set an example for me about what a woman could look like as a leader,” Hinze said. “What a woman could look like as somebody so fiercely dedicated to improvement in our city. And also, just being a true friend.”

Hubbard’s interactions with residents and her ability to help resolve city issues are some of her most memorable moments, she said.

She added that she isn’t going anywhere and she encouraged everyone to stop and say hello if they see her around town.