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Pickles, an American pit bull terrier mix, was 3 three months old and in dire need of medical care when she was brought in by an owner who could no longer care for her. Courtesy photo
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How Giving Tuesday can help animals like Pickles

San Diego is a great place to be an animal. In addition to pet-friendly parks, beaches and restaurants, amazing weather and a human population that can’t get enough of our furry (and feathered, scaly and shelled) friends, we also have San Diego Humane Society — our region’s safety net for animals in need.

San Diego Humane Society has been providing care for pets since 1880, and also serves as our region’s primary wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization since merging with Project Wildlife in 2014. Nationally, it is recognized as a leading animal welfare organization, pioneering innovative programs and caring for more than 40,000 animals each year.

The heart of their mission is to create a more humane world. That happens every time an animal like Pickles gets their second chance through lifesaving care provided by San Diego Humane Society.

Pickles, an American pit bull terrier mix, was just three months old and in dire need of medical care when she was brought in by an owner who could no longer care for her. She had been part of an unplanned litter and was tragically attacked by her littermates, leaving a bleeding wound on her shoulder. San Diego Humane Society’s veterinary team was able to give Pickles the urgent care she needed.

They carefully bandaged her, frequently checked her wound for several weeks. Although the bandages made it hard for her to get around, Pickles was a sweetheart who stole staff members’ hearts. It’s no surprise that, when she healed, she immediately found a new home. Today, Pickles knows comfort and love with two new siblings who adore her — three-year-old child Wyatt, and a cat, Milo.

Stories like Pickles’ happen every day at San Diego Humane Society. Whether it’s the adoption of a senior cat, emergency surgery for an injured dog, rehabilitation for a juvenile bird fallen from their nest or provision of free pet food for families in need, San Diego Humane Society is making sure animals in San Diego get the care, shelter and love they need to thrive.

As a nonprofit, San Diego Humane Society relies on the generosity of our community to fund these lifesaving programs, and right now is a great time to make a gift. Thanks to a matching challenge grant from The JEM Project, donations made before and on Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29) will be matched dollar for dollar — up to $50,000!

Make a gift today at and you can make sure animals like Pickles not only receive the medical care and shelter they need, but the chance to find a loving family as well.