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High Tech High seeks workplace mentors for intern program

SAN MARCOS — High Tech High North County educators are looking for workplace mentors to lead student interns for one month beginning in May.

All High Tech High North County juniors and seniors are required to complete an internship at an off-campus organization. The internship consists of a five-week, full-time immersion at the worksite. Students receive credit for successfully completing their internship and related course work.

Students are paired with a workplace mentors who understand and support the goals of the program. Mentors communicate regularly with the student’s teachers about their progress and their attendance.

All interns develop a substantial project with the mentor that should make a meaningful contribution to the organization.

In the past, interns have worked on projects that range from event and marketing support projects, web design projects, recruitment and retention projects with HR departments, networking, software and hardware support, and public relations support, including presentations in public forums and in the community.

After their internship, every student gives a presentation of what they learned to their mentor, parents, teachers and their fellow students. This culminating event celebrates the student’s accomplishments and offers an occasion for reflection and critique.

The internship is supported by the school, in which students prepare for and reflect on their internship experiences. Intern assignments include a journal, a photo essay, an in-depth interview with their mentor, creation of an internship portfolio and completion of their internship project.

“Please consider serving as a mentor,” said Internship Coordinator Tom Gaines. “Your expertise and guidance will make a real difference in the lives of our students and your organization as well.”

The internship program runs from May 6 to June 7. Interns will be required to attend five days per week, six hours per day.

Contact Gaines at [email protected] for more information on becoming a workplace mentor or visit the program’s website.

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