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Hair restoration and summertime savings

Summer inevitably brings sunshine and beach days. You may have been stepping up your workouts, wanting to look and feel your best. But as good as exercise is to help you feel and look great, if you’ve experienced hair loss it might have you feeling less than confident about the season. The specialists at MyHairTransplantMD can not only help you restore your hair, but your confidence too.

Using cutting-edge hair transplant technology, MyHairTransplantMD is able to help clients achieve optimal natural-looking results. Think of it like having a personal trainer, but for your hair loss.

Similar to meeting a personal trainer, you’ll have a free consultation and have your measurements taken and then your specialist will help you devise a plan. Next you’ll choose the method you’d prefer to achieve your desired results.

The biggest difference between getting started on a workout plan versus a hair restoration plan is that with the latter, you will walk out the door knowing exactly what you are going to get, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Not to mention these results last!

“Our first step is to accurately measure the thin or bald area using our proprietary hair restoration template to determine how many square centimeters need restoration,” Dan Wagner, CEO of MyHairTransplantMD, said.

“We measure precisely so that our calculations are correct,” Wagner said. “We draw directly on the patient’s head, and then transfer the surface area to be restored onto our 3D Hair Mapping Template. We then calculate the size of the restoration area in square centimeters.” The template helps determine the area of baldness and the number of grafts needed. “This is based on what the client wants, and how much donor hair they have,” Wagner said.

“More grafts are required to produce fullness, and fewer are needed to deliver coverage,” Wagner said. “Our patients walk out of here knowing exactly what they are going to need to achieve their desired results, and precisely what is possible.”

The next step is to choose which method of hair restoration is best to fit the client’s needs. Traditionally Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG) was the only choice for hair restoration. A relatively new technique, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is not as widely available as the traditional FUG method, and Wagner is proud to be able to offer it to North County clients.

“Both FUE and FUG produce amazing natural-looking results,” Wagner said. “Both techniques place hairs the way they would naturally grow. The big difference is the way in which the hairs are extracted. While FUG excises long, thin strips of scalp, FUE makes a tiny circular punch around each follicular unit. While FUG involves a thin scar which is difficult to detect, even on close inspection, FUE leaves only tiny circular marks that are typically also undetectable. There are no sutures or bandages with FUE.”

With the FUE procedure you can return to work the next day, while FUG recovery takes a bit longer.   “No matter which way you and your specialist decide to go, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the summer with both your confidence, and your hair, restored,” Wagner said.

MyHairTransplantMD is located at 2103 S. El Camino Real, Suite 201, Oceanside, CA 92054.For a step-by-step guide to their consultation, hair restoration processes, before-and-after photos and a complete explanation of pricing, visit their website at or call the office at (800) 262-2017.