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The GreenPal app also provides service ratings, reviews and photos of previous work. Courtesy photo
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GreenPal matches homeowners with lawn care services

Need your lawn mowed? There’s an app for that.

The GreenPal app, which was launched in 2012, in Nashville, Tennessee, is now available to homeowners in Oceanside, San Marcos and Escondido. The phone app links homeowners with local lawn care professionals, provides bids on yardwork and enables payments.

When homeowners log on, a friendly on-screen character leads them through the process to describe their needs, request a date of service and add their location. Lawn care experts who service the area receive a ping on their phone and can bid on the work.

Once a lawn care service provider is selected, work is completed within a two-day window and a time stamped photo is sent of the finished job. Homeowners then pay via the app.

Gene Caballero, cofounder of the app, said he experienced the ups and downs of running a small lawn care business, and then learned the technology to help operations.

For the service provider, the app addresses advertising, a cohesive route and prompt payment. Caballero said having a service route of homes within a 10-mile radius is beneficial to lawn care providers.

“If they’re driving, they’re not making money,” Caballero said.

The app also provides an appointment calendar of scheduled jobs.

“We make it really easy to run a business seamlessly, and get paid,” Caballero said.

Caballero said the app was created to help lawn care experts grow their business. He added it also has a lot of benefits for homeowners.

For the homeowner, the app vets service providers, creates a best price bidding war and allows payment without having to be home or leave a check.

Lawn care professionals are screened by GreenPal through a phone interview to assure they have commercial grade equipment, a business plan, references, and “they are who they say they are,” Caballero said.

The app also provides service ratings, reviews and photos of previous work. Caballero said for homeowners the app beats tracking down service providers on Craigslist or scouting the neighborhood for crews who want to take on an extra job.

There is no charge for homeowners to use the service. Lawn care professionals pay 5 percent of their earnings to GreenPal.

Caballero said when the app was first launched six years ago, phone apps for services were fairly new.

“There has been a dynamic shift in consumer behavior, things are on demand now,” Caballero said.

The app is available in 40 markets across 15 states. Caballero said marketing research determined where the app has been launched.

GreenPal became available in Oceanside, San Marcos and Escondido this month.