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Guided meditation, mindfulness coaching, Reiki energy healing, crystals, aromas and sounds are a few of the many resources Joseph Clarke taps into. Courtesy photo
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Get unstuck and onto the path of flourishing

Are you at a crossroads and unsure which way to go? Feeling like you’re stuck with nowhere to turn? Are you hitting the same roadblocks again and again?

Joseph Clarke can help. He is a former attorney who holds degrees in philosophy and creative writing. He is also a leukemia survivor, husband, father, and certified Reiki practitioner. His goal is to help you connect with the natural wisdom of your heart, so you can discover more of what life has to offer and experience more peace and harmony in daily life.

“I began experiencing an intense spiritual awakening in 2018,” Joe says. “It was overwhelming! It was also an opportunity to learn and grow. I studied Buddhism, mystical teachings, Reiki healing, and mindfulness practices. I worked with a variety of spiritual teachers, guides and medicines.

Together these resources have provided me a broad and diverse collection of self-healing methods. I became a spiritual guide  so I could share what I’ve learned with others, reduce their suffering and help them find the path of healing and flourishing,” Clarke expounded.

Joe taps into many resources during healing sessions including: guided meditation, mindfulness coaching, Reiki energy healing, crystals, aromas and sounds.

At the end of each session, you’ll feel more connected to the present moment through your heart. You’ll sense more inner balance and inner peace and you’ll feel better equipped to handle the difficulties and opportunities that life presents

Joe works with folks from all walks of life. Joe is particularly well-suited to work with:

• attorneys and people in the legal system

• people struggling with addiction or working the recovery process

• youth

• spiritual skeptics

• people who have cancer or are in remission

”I believe life is an opportunity to discover who we truly are,” Joe explained. “Our confusions, addictions, and unrecognized biases hold us back, keeping us stuck in old patterns and hopeless ruts. I can help you recognize these roadblocks. I can help you clear them.

And I can help you discover and integrate new, healthier patterns into your daily life. I want to see you heal, grow, and flourish. We can do it together,” he went on to say.

Want to work with Joe? Curious to learn more? Visit Or contact Joe directly: [email protected], 760-925-5720.