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Gaspar’s lead for supervisor increases as more votes counted; Schumacher claims victory

REGION — More than two weeks after the election, several races are still undecided.

Most notably, the fight for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 3 seat has Encinitas mayor and challenger Kristin Gaspar taking a 50.09 percent to 49.91 percent lead over incumbent Dave Roberts.

As of Wednesday, Gaspar’s lead was at 659 votes, although there are 106,000 outstanding mail and provisional ballots.

According to Michael Vu of the San Diego County Registrar of Voters, the mail ballots were tallied by Tuesday, while the provisional ballots will take more time.

The last several releases by the ROV have favored Gaspar as she has overcome a deficit of around 2,000 votes. The ROV must certify the results by Dec. 8.

“We’ve expected since election night that the race would tighten as absentees are counted though there was no way to know how much,” said Jason Roe, Gaspar’s campaign manger. “Once we saw that about half the votes were yet to be counted, we became very optimistic. Supervisor Roberts started with an advantage as an incumbent with higher name ID, so we knew our advantages would be among those voters who voted later in the process, those who still needed to get to know Kristin.”

Roe said a historic number of “drop-off” absentee ballots along with Republican voters who wrote in someone for president had to be hand-counted, which also came in favor of Gaspar.

“Among the ‘provisionals,’ those tend to lean Democrat and while many of those are included the counts already completed, there is a pretty good amount of them in the remaining ballots, which we estimate to be 25,000 in District 3,” Roe added. “We think the race is still a coin toss.”

“There are still thousands of votes to count today. We’re grateful to the more the 107,000 voters who supported Dave Roberts and remain hopeful that he will win,” Roberts’ campaign strategist, Gary Gartner said.

In the Carlsbad City Council race, meanwhile, challenger Cori Schumacher claimed victory on Tuesday over incumbent Lorraine Wood.

Schumacher was contacted by the city of Carlsbad, although officials in the city clerk’s office said it was to discuss the next steps should the vote hold.

Schumacher extended her lead to 593 votes over Wood on Monday as the two women battle for the second seat in this year’s election. Incumbent Keith Blackburn was re-elected.

“It didn’t seem real at first because the limbo period has been so long,” Schumacher said. “I think I’m still in shock even though we’ve been doing so well.”

Schumacher trailed Wood by more than 900 votes on election night, but has rallied to overcome the deficit. The two were locked in a close battle throughout the past two weeks, although Schumacher was holding slim leads including 13 votes at one point, until this week.

She said the past two weeks have been a wild ride as Schumacher and her core supporters have been checking the ROV website constantly each day.

The three-time longboard surfing world champion said her drive and competiveness as a former professional athlete helped carry her through the past two weeks.

“The way that I am … you commit to something with every part of your being,” Schumacher said. “There is no Plan B. You have to push everything aside. I had such a huge, huge groundswell of support from people reaching out to me.”

The city will hold a swearing in ceremony Dec. 13 at City Hall.

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