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Pure Meal Prep SD serves all of San Diego County. Based in Sorrento Valley, its farthest delivery is currently in Oceanside. Courtesy photo
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Fine dining on the run

Deliciously creative and healthy dinners can be hard to come by for those with busy schedules. For many, there isn’t much time left in the day to eat anything except takeout or bland microwave dinners.

That’s why husband and wife duo Brett and Cassie Dudley have been livening up dinnertime for busy San Diegans for the last three years with Pure Meal Prep SD.

Pure Meal Prep SD brings intricate dishes of pastas, breads, marinades and more to the tables of San Diegans who just don’t have time to cook that creative meal they have been dreaming of at home.

“We like to say it’s fine dining on the run,” Cassie Dudley said.

Based out of an industrial commercial kitchen in Sorrento Valley, Pure Meal Prep SD serves all of San Diego County with its farthest delivery currently located in Oceanside.

While Cassie runs the operations side of the business, her husband Brett Dudley is the executive chef. The two have several years of experience in the restaurant industry, Brett having over 10 years of experience working in fine dining restaurants in the local San Diego area and Cassie having managed several successful restaurants between Phoenix and San Diego.

Pure Meal Prep SD focuses on making creative, tasty dishes more convenient for its customers. Each week, a new menu is created and features something different from the last week.

“We try not to repeat the same dish,” Brett Dudley said.

The new menu is posted on Monday of every week. Customers choose their meal plans by Thursday at 4 p.m., and the food is delivered safe and contact-free to their doorsteps by Sunday.

“Our loyal customers have continued to order from us every week for the past two years,” Cassie said. “They enjoy our meals for our quality and value, as well as the variety of our menu, which has not been duplicated at all since our company was founded two years ago.”

Not only is Pure Meal Prep SD a tastier option, it’s a healthier option for people who are on diets trying to lose weight or even bulk up.

There are three different meal plans for customers to choose from: the standard plan, the lean plan and the keto plan. Each offers a choice of 10, 15 or 20 meals per week. There is also a family package and desserts plans offered as well.

The meal plans offer generally the same meal but with certain modifications. For example, the lean plan provides smaller portions while the keto plan keeps the same main protein and vegetables but substitutes any carbs out for a tasty alternative.

The Dudleys also give back to their community through the business. With every meal plan purchase, Pure Meal Prep SD donates one meal to either a homeless person or a hospital worker each week. The business has donated about 3,600 meals since last April.

With almost 20 full-time employees now, Pure Meal Prep SD has also been able to provide jobs to several people from the restaurant industry who lost their jobs or had their hours reduced due to COVID-19.

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