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Drs. Jason Philips and Aaron Boonjindasup, of Urology San Diego.
Drs. Jason Philips and Aaron Boonjindasup, of Urology San Diego. Courtesy photos
Faces of North County 2022

Faces of Urological Care: Phillips & Boonjindasup, Urology San Diego

Find Top Urological Care In North County

In 2020, Drs. Jason Philips and Aaron Boonjindasup opened Urology San Diego.

“We started the practice because we wanted to create a urology group that mirrored our values of providing exceptional patient care and bringing the best urological services and most modern minimally invasive treatments to the local community,” said Dr. Phillips, Chief of Urology at Tri-City Medical Center.

Urology San Diego, located in Oceanside, is at the forefront of urological technology, offering services and techniques not available at many other offices in North County.

“We have the first Center of Excellence in San Diego for the UroLift® system, a revolutionary approach to treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH symptoms, in men,” said Dr. Boonjindasup, who is also a staff physician at Tri-City Medical Center. “Additionally, we offer Axonics Therapy to treat symptoms of overactive bladder.”

Drs. Jason Philips and Aaron Boonjindasup, both board-certified urologists, provide outstanding urological care for North County San Diego residents safely and compassionately. Their patients, men and women, receive the right treatment at the right time to fit their individual needs.

There are different facets of urology that fall within three categories: life-saving surgeries for various urological cancers, acute problems like kidney stones, and quality of life procedures for conditions such as incontinence.

“It’s rewarding to be able to help individuals in each of these areas and improve their health,” said Dr. Boonjindasup. Both physicians are trained in minimally invasive technologies, including robotic surgery, to treat urological issues.

Urology San Diego has been able to thrive and bring much-needed help to those in North County despite the challenges the pandemic has brought. During this time there has been an increase in the number of people putting off regular testing and other needed regular medical visits out of COVID fears, but Urology San Diego has been able to continue to bring high-quality urologic care to North County residents.

Working in North County is special for Dr. Phillips.

“I have deep roots in North County San Diego, going back to my great grandfather who was a physician at Tri-City Medical Center. Growing up, I would drive down from my hometown of LA to visit my grandparents. I chose to work, live, and raise my children here because of the sense of community. I enjoy getting to know my patients and connecting with them. It’s always an honor when they refer family members or friends to our practice.”

Phone: 760.295.9984; Email: [email protected]; Address: 3907 Waring Rd, Ste 4, Oceanside, CA 92056

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