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SolarGuru Energy owners (left to right) Sajed Kamal, EdD, Ashok Kamal and Miguel Hart.
SolarGuru Energy owners (left to right) Sajed Kamal, EdD, Ashok Kamal and Miguel Hart. Courtesy photo
Faces of North County 2022

Face of Solar Energy: Miguel Hart, SolarGuru Energy

Understanding solar energy

SolarGuru Energy PBC is a vision that is 35 years in the making, ever since childhood, best friends Ashok and Miguel started building solar cookers and rigging up PV panels with Ashok’s dad, Dr. Sajed Kamal, a renowned international solar energy expert and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Sajed has been one of the world’s most tireless advocates of solar energy for 40+ years, winning numerous awards for his efforts and helping countless families across the globe gain access to solar energy by setting up projects in the USA, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Armenia, El Salvador and Zimbabwe.

Sajed instilled a love and understanding of solar energy into Ashok and Miguel starting in elementary school. As young men and fathers to their own children, they leveraged this knowledge and purpose and became advocates for the planet through diverse and successful careers in social entrepreneurship.

After making the choice to settle and raise their families in sunny San Diego — one of the country’s top solar energy markets — Ashok and Miguel, reunited with Sajed, applied their decades of collective experience and expertise in solar, engineering, design, marketing and finance to form SolarGuru Energy PBC.

As the need for an energy revolution has gone from “We will get to it ASAP” to a “Code Red” level emergency, Sajed, Ashok and Miguel redoubled their efforts to bring solar energy to as many families as possible and help them save both money and the environment.

The decades of unwavering commitment to the energy revolution, along with their unwavering commitment to each other, is what sets SolarGuru Energy apart from all others.

The SolarGuru Energy team cares deeply about the future of our planet and the well-being of their neighbors and fellow humans around the globe.

They have consistently set the stage for progressive dialogue on energy policy and have successfully transitioned that skill-set and commitment into one of the top solar energy installation companies in the San Diego and North County areas. As co-founder Miguel Hart likes to say: “Let’s get together and save this beautiful planet, one panel at a time!”

Sajed Kamal, EdD, has been a renewable energy educator internationally for more than 40 years. He has taught at Brandeis University, Boston University, Northeastern University and Antioch New England Graduate School, his courses include “Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development,” “Sustainable Energy, Technology and Economics” and “International Environmental Issues.”

Sajed received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics and education, respectively, from Northeastern University and his doctorate in humanistic studies from Boston University. Sajed is also a poet, artist, photographer, literary translator, nursery school teacher-consultant and author of more than a dozen books.

Sajed received Boston’s Mayor’s First Annual Green Award for Community Leadership in Energy and Climate Protection (2007), a Lifetime Achievement Award by the EPA (2008) and the Rachel Carson Award by Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light (2012).

Ashok Kamal is a social entrepreneur extraordinaire who believes that the problems of the world offer a great opportunity for people to rise, collaborate, innovate and create a better way of life. In his own words: “I also believe that entrepreneurship is the foundation for reframing problems as opportunities, unlocking solutions and unleashing human potential.”

In addition to serving as CFO and co-founder of SolarGuru Energy, Ashok is also the executive director of Tech Coast Angels, San Diego’s largest and most impactful angel investment group.

Ashok has diverse experience starting, leading and investing in organizations in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. As a speaker and presenter, Ashok has shared at various events, including South by Southwest, Sustainable Brands, GreenBiz Forum, LAUNCH Festival, Gamification Summit and the White House’s GreenGov Symposium.

In addition, he has contributed numerous articles and interviews to technology and business websites such as VentureBeat, Forbes and Fast Company. Ashok lives in San Diego with his wife, Marlene, and sons Aikido and Akash.

Miguel B. Hart is a renowned social entrepreneur, solar educator, music creator and early childhood educator. He has frequently been ranked No. 1 in personal sales out of 5,000+ solar consultants in the nationwide Powur network.

Miguel is the CEO and operations manager for SolarGuru Energy, and his steadfast dedication to education and empowerment through the sharing of information has helped countless clients across the country make the shift to self-sufficient clean energy while saving them a ton of money in the process.

Miguel is also an avid songwriter, vocalist and producer, who is currently launching his educational music video series called “Pod Squad Music.” The Pod Squad crew has one of the hottest trending channels on the new kid-safe education app: Zigazoo.

Miguel lives in the Village Park area of Encinitas with his wife, Jessica, and his son Galileo, and he absolutely loves the North County area.

In his own words: “I knew the moment I came to this area 15+ years ago that this is where I would want to settle down and raise a family, and I feel so blessed to be of service to the North County communities by helping to save them money while simultaneously saving our planet. It’s a win-win all around!”

Contact SolarGuru Energy at (858) 333-6500 or [email protected].

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