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David Johnston, owner of SanEtizeIT trash bin cleaning services.
David Johnston, owner of SanEtizeIT trash bin cleaning services. Courtesy photo
Faces of North County 2022

Face of Cleanliness & Sanitizing: David Johnston, SanEtizeIT

We all know the smell – the sudden repulsive stink that disrupts any walk and makes taking out the trash an undesirable chore. What if this wasn’t the way it had to be?

David Johnston, of SanEtizeIT, moved to California in 2020 and noticed a problem in need of a solution. Looking around, he found that no companies in North County were working to solve this problem. With his can-do attitude, David set about to clean up the problem. Literally and figuratively.

Johnston was walking his dog when he noticed how disruptive the smells of dirty trash cans were. SanEtizeIT was born because Johnston knew that neighborhood walks could be enjoyed far more when not inhibited by the smell of dumpsters and trash wafting through the air.

Picking up on the uniquely niche need, Johnston shares, “I found that there were no trash can cleaning services in North County, so I decided to start one myself.”

SanEtizeIT, a family-owned and operated business, provides eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing services for residential and commercial trash, recycling, green bin and dumpsters in North County. Getting started is simple. Customers call or sign up online to begin.

After trash has been collected, SanEtizeIT makes its rounds to customers. The SanEtizeIT truck’s cleaning mechanism blasts away grime, bacteria, grease and any other culprits using high-pressure washing at 200-degrees.

Bins are cleaned inside and out, and then are disinfected and deodorized with 100% biodegradable antibacterial detergents, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The result: sparkling clean odor-free trash cans that actually emit a fresh citrus scent. Customer satisfaction guaranteed or money back. SanEtizeIT offers monthly, quarterly and one-off service options to meet various customer needs.

“Everyone’s over the moon about it!” Johnston remarks on the customer experience. Since the work of SanEtizeIT rids the air of flies, stench, and rodents and keeps dogs from stopping to investigate every smelly trash can, this service does seem deserving of being over the moon about.

Johnston’s next mission: “I want to enhance life throughout the county beyond just neighborhood walks and restaurants. I am looking to clean municipal trash cans everywhere. City parks, bus stops, beaches – anywhere trash cans are, I want to clean and create a more enjoyable environment.”

Off he goes on a dirty mission indeed.

Call David at 760-707-9963 or sign up for SanEtizeIT’s services at

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