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Councilwoman, subcommittee focus on economic development

ENCINITAS — An Encinitas City Councilwoman has made good on her campaign promise to focus on economic development, and will now spearhead a subcommittee on the subject.

Tasha Boerner Horvath, who was elected in November, spoke on the campaign trail for the need of the city to look at ways to stimulate the economy in a way that is compatible with the existing community, including a focus on the emerging for-benefit sector.

On Wednesday, Boerner Horvath approached the City Council with a proposal to draft a white paper on economic development that could be used to create the framework of a comprehensive policy when the city meets to do its strategic planning in April.

The council, commending her on the initiative, voted to create a subcommittee with Boerner Horvath and recently appointed Councilman Joe Mosca, to evaluate the results of the city’s economic development strategic sessions in 2014, tap the pulse of current economic trends and changes over the past three years, and meet with local business organizations (Chamber of Commerce and the city’s Main Street Associations) and return to the City Council with a summary and suggestions of how the council can move forward in terms of maintaining or updating its current economic development policies.

Additionally, Councilman Mark Muir recommended Boerner Horvath represent the city at meetings of the North County Economic Development Council, which meets monthly and discusses, among other things, regional economic trends.

Muir and Councilman Tony Kranz said that it would be important for the subcommittee to use the work of the council in 2014, which Kranz called the foundation of the city’s current economic development policy, as a baseline for the discussion.

Boerner Horvath said that a fresh look at the city’s policies could benefit the city by increasing local job creation, increasing sales tax revenue without raising taxes and increase the number of businesses that are compatible with the community.

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