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Council OK’s traffic safety measures

CARLSBAD — The City Council adopted several ordinances addressing speed limits and an all-way stop sign Tuesday during their regular meeting.

To enhance traffic safety, four stretches of road will have stoplights installed and one intersection will add stop signs.

The affected areas include Camino Junipero from Rancho Santa Fe Road to Paseo Encino, two were set on stretches Carlsbad Boulevard, one on La Costa Avenue and stop signs at the intersection of Buena Vista Way and Arland Road will be enacted in 30 days from approval.

A 45 miles per hour zone was established for Camino Juniper after a traffic survey was conducted in 2015 and recommended, 5-0, by the Traffic Safety Commission. The study results concluded 85 percent of the drivers on the stretch of road were travelling at 46 miles per hour.

Based on the California Vehicle Code and California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the 45 mph was recommended.

As for Carlsbad Boulevard, a 35 miles per hour zone was established from the northern city limit to State Street, and a 30 miles per hour zone created between State and Walnut streets.

City staff reported recent improvement including a roundabout has changed the dynamic of the road.

As a result, speeds have decreased.

On La Costa Avenue, a 35 miles per hour limit was instituted from Camino de los Coches to Circulo Sequoia. Staff, in their report, stated about a quarter-mile stretch of road had no posted limit in the residential area and about 2,500 vehicles use the roadway daily.

At the Buena Vista Way and Arland Road intersection, staff conducted field tests for sight distance and discovered the line was 174 feet, which is short of the minimum of 275 feet to allow for just one stop-controlled road due to “vertical curvature” of Buena Vista Way.

During its June 6 meeting, the Traffic Safety Commission unanimously supported stop signs on each road in each direction.

The total cost for the projects is approximately $4,200 coming from the Streets Maintenance Budget.

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Dan August 29, 2016 at 6:06 am

Quite surprising to see the City Council following direction from the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. They approved a dozen stop sigs on a mile of Levante street to slow traffic in defiance of CMUTCD direction and instructions on the city’s own website. The result has been an increase in speeding as people try to make up time and routine violations as most people ignore the stop signs. There is NO Police enforcement though I can’t blame them. The odds of a serious accident are much higher than before which is unfortunate due to a grammar school on the street.

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