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COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Artistic scene in Carlsbad continues to blossom

A seed was planted, nourished in a soil which was rich with artistic potential. The seed twisted; the seed swelled and a small, yet determined sapling pushed through the moist soil and broke the surface. The sapling’s stem grew thick. Petals developed in nurturing pods as creative ideas stirred in the surrounding streets. Minds connected and collectives formed. What began as a feeble seed, has grown strong and has begun to blossom.
The colors of Carlsbad’s artistic community are beginning to attract culture enthusiasts in greater numbers. Underground art shows have sprouted, art walks occur every last Thursday of the month, New Village Arts Theatre continues to produce outstanding plays and has ventured into the realm of musicals, the Art Foundry buzzes with creativity, established and phantom galleries are swollen with art and most recently, the seventh annual Carlsbad Music Festival presented its inaugural Village Music Walk.
Seven years ago event director and founder Matt McBane envisioned a music festival in his hometown of Carlsbad. The festival has grown each year in production and attendance. Today Carlsbad has a thriving alternative classical music festival featuring master artists and the next generation of cutting-edge, world-class musicians premiering new works and performing fresh and compelling music in concert and in the community.
The idea for the Village Music Walk was created from a desire of Matt to bring the live music experience to a smaller and more intimate level similar to festival rehearsals in his living room. Like many locals and Carlsbad visitors, the village has always been one of Matt’s favorite parts of Carlsbad.
The Village Music Walk began at the village train station as commuters stepped off the train and onto the station platform. On this evening, the short walk to their car was a little different. Spreadsheets and conference calls were vanished from their minds as they were met by the experimental percussion repertoire of Red Fish Blue Fish. A large crowd gathered and the scent of a grand blossoming quickly spread through the village.
The Village Music Walk continued into the evening where local venues hosted event participants. Musicians rotated from each venue creating a new experience in each atmosphere. An ACME violin solo presenting independent projects, as well as Hank Williams and Bob Dylan covers, vibrated the art laden walls of the Foundry. Composer and percussionist Nathan Davis abstracted simple stories while surrounded by vinyl at Spin Records. The bass and mandolin of MandoBasso brewed mellow originals at It’s a Grind. A large crowd gathered to the beats of another language and the Calder Quartet mesmerized a packed house at Ivanffy-Uhler Gallery.
Creative thinkers like Matt McBane are essential to the continued growth of an artistic culture. The flower which has begun to blossom is strengthened each time an event like the Carlsbad Music Festival’s Village Music Walk is brainstormed, organized and implemented into our community.
Smiles spread rapidly through the streets as local businesses hosted musicians, music enthusiasts and community supporters. The artistic colors of our village culture are blossoming and the future looks vibrant.