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It’s cool to be Carlsbad

James Chute from the North County Times asked if the Carlsbad Music Festival is too cool for Carlsbad. He referenced the legendary artistic debacle of “The Bars” and suggested that the hangover once felt from the public outcry and eventual dismantling of the urban art piece might still be lingering, potentially preventing the coastal community […]

What we need is a sanctioned street art rubric

“The Magic Carpet Ride,” more commonly referred to as the “Cardiff Kook,” has been the target of numerous re-workings. It has been dressed up as Cupid, has been eaten by a shark, has outed the Encinitas City Council as a propaganda yielding “Surfing Madonna,” and, as referenced in a letter I recently received from the […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: It might be time to take another look at street art

Many different art movements have formed throughout art history with each one as important and highly documented as the previous. Impressionism broke away from traditional European painting as a way to emphasize the artist’s perception of the subject matter as much as the subject itself. The Dada movement formed through moral outrage over World War […]

Rainstorm creates streetside sport

CARLSBAD — Avid paddle boarder and Carlsbad resident John Engelbrits called his cousin Jesse Carbajal of San Diego and friend Logan Schmidt of Oceanside with a creative way to spend the wet afternoon. At 1 p.m. Dec. 22, Engelbrits, Carbajal and Schmidt packed up their paddle boards and headed to the coast. Rather than walking […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Standing up against campaign signage

As the 2010 election comes to a close, our village will soon be cleansed of the brightly colored signage that scatters the streets. Until then, signs clump at intersections and sway in coastal breeze. They stand steadfast on private property and lobby at business forefronts. Matt Hall jumped the gun, then covered every inch of […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Artistic scene in Carlsbad continues to blossom

A seed was planted, nourished in a soil which was rich with artistic potential. The seed twisted; the seed swelled and a small, yet determined sapling pushed through the moist soil and broke the surface. The sapling’s stem grew thick. Petals developed in nurturing pods as creative ideas stirred in the surrounding streets. Minds connected […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Lately art has been off the wall

A meander down the cool hallways of a well-organized art museum exposes you to the many movements of modern art history. Early experimentation of abstract art flirted with the capabilities of the mind and the emotional experience of being alive was conveyed in the bold gestures of expressionism. Pop Art used everyday commodities to battle […]